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Walimex Flash Tube CY-260K

Item number: 13037
  • plug-in flash tube for walimex CY-260K
  • power input: 350Ws
  • economic life time: approx. 10000 times
  • colour temperature: 5300-5600K
  • easy to replace
Item description

>plug-in flash tube for walimex CY-260K with power input 350Ws and color temperature approx 5600K

Technical specification

General information

Product Color White


Colour Temperature 5300-5600K
Power Consumption 350W
Lamp Flash tube
Lifespan 10000Auslösungen


Girth 350mm
Height of Packaging 70mm
Length of Packaging 70mm
Weight incl. Packaging 54g
Width of Packaging 70mm
Included in delivery
    <1x li>plug-in flash tube for walimex CY-260K
Examples of Use