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Walimex Mini Light Cube 50x50x50cm

Item number: 13546
  • ideal introduction in product photography, e.g. for small parts, glass and jewellery
  • optimal for pictures, which should be cropped, shadow-free lighting
  • suitable for digital and analogue photography
  • quick and uncomplicated assembly through strong Velcro fasteners
  • with blue, red, black and white background cloth
  • carrying bag approx. 51x53x3cm, with convenient handle
Item description

This Mini Light Cube is excellently suitable for the product photography of small parts, for example for eBay items. The foldable box can be easy set up within seconds. The shadow-free lighting ensures easy cropping in graphical software. Additionally, a blue, red, black and white background cloth is included in this set as well.

Technical specification

General information

Field of Application Product Photography
Material Synthetic fibre, cloth
Weight 1500g
Width 500mm
Product Color Black, Red, White, Blue


Field of Application Product Photography


Girth 1645mm
Height of Packaging 29mm
Length of Packaging 500mm
Weight incl. Packaging 1669g
Width of Packaging 529mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Mini Light Cube 50x50x50cm, with blue, red, black and white background cloth and convenient carrying bag
Examples of Use

The image is photographed without a mini-studio.

The reflections on glass are unevenly.


The image is photographed with a mini-studio.

Through the mini-studio is an elongated, even reflection.