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Gossen Digipro F Exposure Meter

Item number: 13591
  • measurement modes: incident and reflected light
  • swivel head
  • measuring flash (with cord or noncord) with indication of the level of ambient light
  • microprocessor controlled
  • digital LCD display in tenths of stops
  • analog contrast display in half stops
  • storage of settings and readings
  • programmable exposure correction combinations of a given reading
  • recall of all possible shutter speed/aperture combinations of a given reading
  • aperture or shutter priority preselection
  • extremely convenient to measure flash
  • covers the entire CINE scale (frames per second), including the TV standard 25 and 30 f.p.s.
  • warning when range is exceeded
  • automatic battery check
  • auto off
  • suitable for analog and digital photgraphy
  • top quality made in Germany
Item description

Digipro F - exposure meter for flash and continuous light, with swivel head. It offers high precision, reliable quality and a remarkable versatility of functions. Thus meeting the requirements of the professional photographer and the dedicated amateur, both in analog and digital photogaphy.

Technical specification
Measuring methods continuous light,
reflected light,
contrast measurement,
flash (cord/noncord),
indication of ambient light share,
calculation for multiple flash,
programmable exposure correction
Sensor silicon blue cell photodiode
Measuring range LW –2.5 to +18 (with ISO 100/21 °)
Repeatable accuracy ±0,1 LW
Exposure times 1/8000s to 60min
Aperture stops f/1 to f/90 9/10
Measuring range flash f/1 to f/90 (with ISO 100/21°)
Flash synch speeds 1 to 1 /1000 including 1/90 s (meas. time)
CINE values 8 to 64 including 25 and 30 TV)
Adjustable and measurable correction values –7.9 to +7.9
Extension factors 1.0 to 240
Film speeds ISO 3.2/6° to 8000/40°
Acceptance angle for reflected light 25°
Battery 1 x 1.5V AA-type, battery condition indication
Dimensions ca. 65x118x19mm
Weight ca. 95g (without battery)
Included in delivery
  • 1x Gossen Digipro F Exposure Meter, neck strap, battery and operating instructions
Examples of Use