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walimex 7in1 Reflector Set oval, 102x168cm

Item number: 14933
  • universal foldable Reflector with stretcher frame for the necessary stability
  • foldable and defoldable within seconds
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • seven different covers:
    • white for neutral brightness
    • gold for warm tones
    • silver for cool light
    • gold/silver striped for somewhat warmer tones (like sunlight)
    • diffuser for soft light
    • green as a background, ideal for cropping objects
    • blue as a background, ideal for cropping objects
  • with convenient carrying bag; carrying size approx. Ø 56cm
Item description

The foldable reflectors fulfil the requirement for excellent light control depending on the respective situation. Now you no longer have to think about which reflector is the most suitable for your photographs. With this universal foldable reflector you have seven different surfaces at the same time.
The extensive set consists of a sturdy foldable reflector which is spanned with diffuser foil and six additional covers: White, gold, silver, gold/silver, green, and blue. The required surface is spanned over the reflector as a double-sided cover with a zipper.
The 7in1 reflector offers just the right thing for every lighting situation: It can be used as a diffuser, reflector and blue or green background.
The foldable reflector is delivered folded in a carrying bag (approx. Ø 56cm).

Technical specification
Dimensions (LxW) approx. 168x102cm
Total Weight approx. 1800g
Material synthetic fiber, metal (frame)
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex 7in1 Reflector Set oval, 102x168cm with convenient carrying bag
Examples of Use