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walimex pro 85/1,4 IF Lens for Nikon

Item number: 15571
  • direct connection, adapters are not necessary
  • excellent speed of 1:1.4
  • very good imaging performance thanks to high-quality, aspherical glass lenses
  • inner focusing
  • sturdy and exquisitely manufactured metal casing
  • manual focusing
  • also very suitable for beginners
  • including high-quality storage bag, tele lens hood and lens cap
  • camera is not included in delivery
Item description

When using on digital Nikon SLR with DX-format (APS-C), e.g. Nikon D40, D40x, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, D90, D100, D200, D300, D5000, D2Xs a TELE with an equivalent focal distance of 127,5mm results due to the extension of the focal distance by 1,5!

The walimex pro 85/1.4 IF Lens is a classical portrait focal distance, which enlarges the creative photographic scope. It has a focal distance of 85mm, a speed of 1:1.4 and an mechanical aperture ring. The Objective is optimised for medium and large distances. It provides a very high and orthoscopic imaging performance, which is still increasable through stopping down.
Due to its high speed, the walimex pro Objective allows the usage of shorter shutter speeds or lower light sensitivity. This feature reduces the interferences at digital cameras.
Even at a high speed, the walimex pro Objective provides shorter shutter speed. The Objective can reduce the noise at digital cameras. For example, it facilitates the cropping of motifs in front of unsharp front or backgrounds in moderate wide angle and tele range.
For single lens reflex cameras, the high speed benefits the brightness of the viewfinder and facilitates the focusing. The higher focal aperture with lower field depth optimizes the position of the focus level in the viewfinder. Therewith, the focus course can be rated more exactly. The lens possesses an inner focusing.
The Lens possesses an inner focusing. This is a technique, in which not all needs to be adjusted for focusing, but just one or few lens groups inside the lens. The filter thread will not move when focusing the lens and the center keeps almost the same.

The aperture is build of 8 diaphragm blades, which allow a very impressive depth of field. All lenses are covered with anti-reflecting coat and the light transmission is on a very high level.

* Important note: Please consider, that on the Nikon models d40, d50, d70, d70s, d80, d90 and d100 the build-in exposure measurement does not work in connection with MF lenses. The exposure measuring must be effected external. All other analogue and digital Nikon models support the exposure measurement and aperture priority with this lens.

Technical specification
Focal length full-frame 85mm
Light intensity 1:1,4
Lens elements / groups 9 / 7
Picture angle full-frame / APS-C approx. 28,3° / 18,8°
Focusing distance approx. 1m
Filter/attachment size 72mm
Diameter / length approx. 78mm / 72mm
Weight approx. 480g
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro 85/1,4 IF Lens for Nikon with lens hood, lens cap and lens bag
Examples of Use

Exposure with a focal distance setting of 8mm

Exposure with a focal distance setting of 14mm

Exposure with a focal distance setting of 85mm