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walimex pro Daylight VC-6001F, 900 Watt

Item number: 15783
  • powerful continues light with a stabil metal housing
  • uncomplicated type of lighting
  • can be used with compact cameras
  • cold light source reduces heat development in studio
  • with 1 environment friendly 180W Daylight Spiral Lamp (corresponds to approx. 900W with conventional bulbs)
  • incl. high-quality carrying case for the bulb
  • colour temperature: 5400- 5600K
  • diameter of reflector: 45cm
  • E40 lamp socket
  • professional quality
Item description

The Daylight 6001F is a powerful continuous light, which realizes little light wonders. Even during high light output, the bulb needs much less power (1x180W) than similar lamp systems. This artificial light with its 5400-5600K corresponds to daylight and provides ideal shooting conditions due to the continuous, harmonic spectral distribution. As the bulb keeps hand-hot during operation, a cooling fan is unnecessary. Therefore, the Daylight is ideally suitable for video photography.

What makes the Daylight so professional is the bulb. So that you have two devices in one. On the one hand you have the function of a spherical diffuser, which provides soft light and even illumination. On the other hand, you have the function of a normal daylight. The sturdy metal housing with stable socket fits on every common lamp tripod.

Technical specification

General information

Height 130mm


Diameter 450mm
Equivalent Light Bulb Performance 900W
Colour Temperature 5600K
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro Daylight VC-6001F, 900 Watt with 180W Daylight Spiral Lamp, power cable, reflector, protective cap and case for the light bulb
Examples of Use