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Walimex Flash Mounts, 6 pcs. f. Nikon SB600/ SB800

Item number: 15908
  • extensive complete set for a vast variety of applications
  • flash adapter for connection to Nikon flashes
  • spherical diffuser for soft, diffuse light in portrait photography
  • barndoors prevent reflexes and stray light on the lens, they also help to improve the light control
  • softbox for uniform, soft light
  • indispensable for portrait and product photography
  • Beauty Dish to generate soft, homogeneous, round eye light and portrait and beauty photography
  • spot fixture to create a narrow lustre cone for setting accent lights
  • 2 different honeycombs enable harder light to improve brilliancy
Item description

With this set your a optimally equipped for your journeys, but also in the studio these attachments can be changed in no time.
As a connecting piece to your Nikon flash the adapter ensures a precise fit.
With their convenient shape, all attachments can be easily used and quickly attached.
Also in "small-format" the spherical diffuser ensures uniform light and beautiful eye reflexes. It is therefore highly demanded in portrait photography.
The barndoors help you to limit the light of your compact flash at the motif or in the background, so that it will only be present where it is actually needed. This exclusive light control is particularly suitable for product photography, where small objects must be illuminated. The barndoors can be folded under an angle of 180°. The surface is mat black coated to prevent reflections.
No matter whether portrait or object photography, the convenient Softbox is surely the right light control, wherever almost reflex-free illumination is a must. With simply to detach front diffuser.
The mini Beauty Dish is a highlight for portrait and beauty photography, it produces a round, natural eye light. Concerning the hardness of light is closes a gap between the softbox and a standard reflector. It truly is "a mighty midget" !
The spot fixture is a particularly valuable helper in product photography, but can also be used as effect light in portrait photography. It focusses your light, so that you can partially illuminate your motifs, as required. The associated small honeycomb insert also ensures straight light guidance.
The bigger honeycomb attachment creates a straighter light guidance and enables you to achieve a more accentuated illumination of small, but still important, details.

Technical specification

General information

Material Synthetic material, metal
Lenght softox 300mm
width Softbox 200mm
Weight softbox 55g
Width Honeycomb 115mm
Weight honeycomb 40g
Width Beauty Dish 180mm
Lenght spot fixture 150mm
Width Spot Fixture 100mm
Weight spot fixture 75g
Weight Beauty Dish 125g
Width Flashgun Adapter (Outside) 120mm
Height flashgun adapter (outside) 50mm
Weight flashgun adapter 110g
Length flashgun adapter (inside) 60mm
Width Flashgun Adapter (Outside) 40mm
Diameter Diffuser Ball 140mm
Weight Diffusor Ball 105g
Width Shielding Flaps 225mm
weight shielding flaps 60g


Lenght softox 300mm
width Softbox 200mm
Weight softbox 55g
weight shielding flaps 60g


Girth 1202mm
Height of Packaging 180mm
Length of Packaging 324mm
Weight incl. Packaging 934g
Width of Packaging 259mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x flash adapter
  • 1x spherical diffuser
  • 1x barndoors
  • 1x softbox
  • 1x Beauty Dish
  • 1x spot fixture
  • 1x honeycomb
Examples of Use