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walimex Portable Flash Complete Set PBS-400
Item number: 15977

  • Studio Flash & Powerpack
    • ideal on Location independent of mains supply
    • flash output 400Ws, steplessly adjustable
    • 50W modeling lamp and plug-in flash tube
    • removable accumulator block with charger 
    • inclusive standard reflector and convenient carrying bag
  • FT-8051 Lamp Tripod
    • very sturdy and stable lamp stand
    • shock absorbers in each section
    • max. load capacity: approx. 4kg
  • Translucent Umbrella white, 84cm
    • for soft light
    • quickly opened and ready for use
    • ideal for on the go
    • umbrella rod: Ø 0,8cm
Item description

The Portable Studio Flash System is particularly suitable for all photographic works, for which an uncomplicated handling and high mobility is important. You will achieve professional results at any place and any occasion, therefore especially suitable for e.g. outdoor shootings. You will be supported by a powerpack accumulator and a studio light with a flash output of 400Ws.
The Powerpack provides energy for up to 160 flash releases. The output from maximal 400Ws can be adjusted through the integrated control dial steplessly due to your requirements. Thereby, the technique and handling is always simple and professional. The especially handy and sturdy handle facilitates your photographic work as well as the convenient bayonet connection. The charging time of the accumulator is around 3 hours. For charging the accumulator, you can remove it or leave it into the powerpack and charge it directly. With a weight of only approx. 2,2kg, the Powerpack is extremely lightweight and can be hanged over your shoulder with the convenient carrying strap. The fixture for using a translucent umbrella or reflex umbrella is also available.
The Flash Head can be mounted on the very sturdy and stable walimex WT-806 Lamp Tripod, which provides a high stability. It can be quickly adjusted through the quick-release lever. The shock absorbers provide the necessary security when lowering the single elements.
A fixture for the Translucent Umbrella is on the flash head, through which the umbrella can be inserted. The Translucent Umbrella is quickly opened and ready for use. You can achieve a soft, even and natural illumination. A very comfortable solution, when the light conditions are different than you thought they are. The professional flash device with translucent umbrellas and tripod establish new opportunities to work outside.

Technical specification
Dimensions (LxWxD) approx. 21,5x16x7cm
Operating voltage DC12V
Charging voltage 220-240V
Output 1/1-1/4 variable
Charging time approx. 3 hours
Accumulator capacity approx. 160 flashes (at max. output)
Sync connection 3,5mm jack plug
Weight approx. 2200g
Dimensions, without reflector (LxWxH) approx. 21x32x13cm
Flash output 400Ws
Guide number 64
Recycling time approx. 2-4sec.
Modeling lamp 50W
Trigger mode sync cord, test button
Colour temperature 5300-5600K
Flash tube „plug-in“
Power supply DC12V
Length of the cable approx. 150cm
Weight approx. 1180g
Colour black/grey
Material plastic/metal
Total weight approx. 3400g
Lamp Tripod  
Max. height approx. 260cm
Min. height approx. 93cm
Carrying length approx. 93cm
Max. load capacity approx. 4kg
Weight approx. 1780g
Connection 5/8 inch spigot with 1/4 inch thread
Material aluminium, plastic (fasteners)
Translucent Umbrella  
Diameter approx. 84cm
Diameter umbrella rod approx. 0,8cm
Colour white
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Portable Flash Light Set PBS-400 with standard reflector, flash tube, modeling lamp, power cord and convenient carrying bag
  • 1x walimex FT-8051 Lamp Tripod 260cm with convenient carrying bag
  • 1x walimex Translucent Umbrella white, 84cm
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