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walimex pro Beginner Set Product Photography,7pcs

Item number: 16239
  • For professional product photography
  • 2 professional flash devices à 200Ws
    • flash output 2x 200Ws, variation range from 1/1 – 1/16
    • very quiet cooling
    • flash output and modeling lamp (150Ws) steplessly, separately and proportionally adjustable
    • clearly arranged LED display and user friendly operation panel with foil knobs
  • 2 high-quality Softboxes 60x60cm
    • innovative technique for quick and uncomplicated assembly
    • incl. front and rear diffuser and convenient carrying bag
  • 2 WT-806 Lamp Tripods
  • 1 Shooting Table Basic L
    • with translucent diffusion surface
    • high load capacity of approx. 15kg
Item description

The walimex pro VC-200 Studio Flash is ideally suitable both for ambitious beginners and for professional photographers. The sturdy housing and well-engineered electronic ensure continuous operation even under toughest conditions. The quiet cooling protects your flash from failure through overheating. Due to the clearly arranged LED display, all adjustments are well visible and easy to read. The flash output and the modeling lamp are stagelessly and proportionally adjustable. You can trigger the flash through the synch cord or through the build-in photo cell (incl. pre-flash mode). Certainly, photo cell and acoustic signal can be deactivated. You can find extensive accessories for the VC Studio Flash series in our webshop.
The high-quality Softbox with 60x60cm is the ideal assistant for soft and even illumination. Whether people, beauty or product photography, whenever you want to achieve the most-possible glare-proof lighting, this Softbox is the right tool. Thanks to its innovative technique, it is easy to assemble in a few steps. Furthermore, the Softbox can be rotated around 360° with little effort. The rear diffuser, which is also included, can be used optionally as to make the light softer. The front and rear diffuser are easy to remove by means of Velcro fastener. Inclusive walimex Softboxadapter for VC&K&DS series.

The walimex WT-806 Lamp Stand 256cm is a high-quality solution for studio photographers. The excellently processed stand can be used portably and flexibly with a net weight of approx. 2165g and a transport size of approx. 109cm. You can use studio flashguns and reflectors up to a weight of 6kg on this stand.
The Shooting Table Basic L is perfectly suitable for quick and high-qualitative product or material photography. It is ideal for internet dealers or private eBay sellers. The sturdy frame guarantees high stability even when carrying heavy items. The height of approx. 80cm is a comfortable height for taking pictures. The diffuse surface (100x120cm incl. sweep) is ideal for taking pictures of objects without shadows. It is translucent and ensures therewith shootings with light sources behind or on the table. The groove effects a transition between underground and background without disturbing bend. All these advantages facilitate to crop your objects later on.

Technical specification
VC-200 Studio Flash  
Dimensions without reflector (LxWxH) approx. 30x13x13cm
Weight approx. 2500g
Flash Output 200Ws
Guide Number 50
Output Control Range full to 1/16 steplessly
Recycling Time 0,8 ~ 1,5s
Flash Duration 1/800 ~ 1/1200
Modeling Lamp 150W
Triggering Method photo cell, sync cord, test button
Colour Temperature 5400-5800K
Flash Tube plug-in
Triggering Voltage 5V
Cooling Fan yes
Auto Power Dump yes
Power Source AC 220-240V 50Hz
Material metal housing
Format (LxB) approx. 60x60cm
Depth approx. 46cm
Weight approx. 910g
Material nylon, metal (speedring and adapter)
WT-806 Lamp Tripod  
Max. Height approx. 256cm
Transport Length approx. 109cm
Max. Load Capacity approx. 6kg
Connection 5/8 inch spigot with 1/4 inch thread
Weight approx. 2165g
Material aluminium
Shooting Table Basic L  
Dimensions of diffusion surface (LxW) approx. 200x100cm
Shooting Height approx. 80cm
Max. Total Height approx. 165cm
Max. Load Capacity approx. 15kg
Weight approx. 15,5kg
Material aluminium (frame), plastic (diffusion surface)
Included in delivery
  • 2x walimex pro VC-200 Studio Flash, each with shiny standard reflector, modeling lamp, flash tube, power cord, sync cord with 6,3mm jack phone, protection cap
  • 2x walimex pro Softbox 60x60cm, each with front and rear diffuser and convenient carrying bag
  • 2x walimex Softboxadapter for walimex pro & K
  • 2x walimex WT-806 Lamp Tripod 256cm, each with convenient carrying bag
  • 1x walimex Shooting Table Basic L, shooting height 80cm, consisting of frame, diffusion surface, 2 clamps with 5/8 spigot, 8 studio clips and convenient carrying bag
Examples of Use