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walimex Teleconverter 1.4x T2

Item number: 16253
  • enlarges the zoom area
  • high-quality 1,4x Converter with T2 connection
  • multi-coated
  • suitable for digital and analogue cameras
  • T2 connection on both ends
  • short construction
  • excellent imaging performance
  • sensational price
Item description

Mounted between camera body and lens, the Teleconverter enlarges the focal distance of the mounted lens by the factor 1,4x. It will e.g. enlarge the focal distance of the walimex 500/6,3DXMirror Lens T2 to 700mm. Physically, it decreases the intensity of light about approx. 1,4 f-stops. The Converter can be used on all lenses with T2 connection and can be mounted to many SLR cameras through the suitable adapter. Certainly, you can find a lot of these T2-adapters in our assortment.  

Technical specification
Included in delivery
Examples of Use

50mm Focal distance


500mm Focal distance


500mm Focal distance + 1,4 Teleconverter