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Walimex Safety Cable for Pantograph

Item number: 16452
  • high-performance cable for securing your flash heads on the walimex Ceiling Rail System
  • with carabiner for easy clipping
  • very sturdy and flexible
Item description

Safety first! This motto is very important for walimex and will be followed down to the last detail. The Safety Cable is a suitable spare part for your walimex Ceiling Rail System. With a length of approx. 75cm, it provides the necessary safety for your high-quality flash heads and avoids a falling-down.

Technical specification

General information

Type Safe-arming wire
total weight 5g
Weight 5g
Length 750mm
Product Color Silver


Type Safe-arming wire
total weight 5g


Girth 270mm
Height of Packaging 30mm
Length of Packaging 126mm
Weight incl. Packaging 12g
Width of Packaging 70mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Safety Cable for walimex Ceiling Rail System or pantograph
Examples of Use