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walimex Optical Snoot for walimex pro & K

Item number: 16630
  • for all flashes of the walimex pro VT, VE, VC & VC PLUS series as well as the walimex K series
  • optical projection mounting for creating great background effects
  • 4 different colour foils and 5 different patterns provide various combinations and therewith special results
  • brings more variety to portraits, full-length portraits and product photography
  • easy focusing through sliding zoom
  • lense diameter approx. 5cm
  • we recommend using flash heads with at least 400Ws output
Item description

The Optical Snoot from walimex offers quite special light effects for walimex pro & K. In connection with a flash head as light source, it throws, depending on your insertion, different colours and patterns on your background, which creates wonderful light atmospheres and effects.

It contains changeable colour foils in purple, red, yellow and green as well as projection patterns (gobos) in the form of a circle, points, moon, double heart and window. Therewith you can bring a lot of variety and interesting lightings in your background, e.g. for portraits and full-length portraits. In product photography, the various projection possibilities also result in outstanding priorities and thus in special pictures.

You can focus your patterns very simply through the sliding zoom on the front surface of the device. As to exploit the magic of background lighting with the Optical Snoot completely, you should use flash devices with at least 400Ws output. Because the more powerful the flash is, the more definite and strong the projection will be. A bigger range ensures a bigger projection on the background.

Technical specification
Dimensions (LxW) approx. 28x12cm
Weight approx. 480g
Lense Diameter approx. 5cm
Connection walimex pro VT, VE, VC & VC PLUS, walimex K
Colour Foils purple, red, yellow and green
Patterns circle, points, moon, double heart and window
Material metal, glass (lens)
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Universal Optical Snoot, incl. 4 colour foils and 5 patterns
Examples of Use