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walimex pro LED Octagon Beauty Light + Softbox

Item number: 16736
  • Octagon Lamp with ultra-bright, white LEDs
  • long-lasting – energy-saving – environment-friendly
  • incl. convenient lens opening (Ø approx. 11,5cm) and softbox (Ø approx.90cm)
  • low heat development
  • high shock resistance
  • 6200K daylight
  • ideally suitable for beauty and portrait photography
  • convenient: 4 segments can be switched on and off
  • tripod connection: 5/8 inch spigot, usable horizontal and vertical
Item description

Did you knew, that you can contribute to a healthier environment and a better climate when buying a LED device? In contrast to common lamps, LED lamps are characterized through their low energy consumption, long lifetime and environment-friendly materials. So why using this high LED quality only in household, if these advantages also lead to great results in photography?!

Sometimes it is a millisecond, which leads to a victory, sometimes it is a little detail such as a lens opening, which make a product to an absolute highlight: The same with the Octagon Beauty Light with softbox from walimex pro. It is constructed very sturdily and provides constant and powerful output for your shootings around beauty and portrait. With the four tappet switches you can adjust 4 similar big parts due to your requirements. The softbox with white reflection surface in octagon shape leads to soft and even illuminations and therewith to optimal results. And the lens opening is the cherry on the cake. The light incidence provides circular light reflections in the eyes. Thanks to the centered opening, the light will come to where it belong. Thus, save the environment and your money with the walimex pro LED Octagon Beauty Light with Softbox!

Technical specification
Light Output 1400 lux (at a distance of 2m)
Colour Temperature 6200 Kelvin
Operating Voltage 220-240V
Fuse 10A
Tripod Connection 5/8 inch
Dimensions (LxWxD) without Holder approx. 54x54x10cm
Diameter Softbox approx. 90cm
Weight approx. 4000g
Material plastic, synthetic fiber, metal
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro LED Octagon Beauty Light with softbox and power cable (approx. 4m) incl. front diffusor
Examples of Use