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walimex Battery Pack RD-600 Location Set

Item number: 16799
Portable mega complete set consisting of:
  • Battery Pack RD-600
    • flexibility and flash power for the mobile use, e.g. weddings, outdoor shootings, adventure photography, etc.
    • two flash heads can be used symmetrical 1:1 or one flash head with maximal output
    • steplessly adjustable to 1/8
  • Ring Flash RD-600
    • ideal for the mobile work on location, e.g. portrait and beauty photography
    • thanks to a flexible bracket suitable for different camera sizes and models
    • with 1/4 inch connection for mounting on tripods
  • Flash Light RD-600
    • ideal for the mobile work on location, e.g. portrait, wedding or fashion photography
    • very handy (approx. 20x14x25cm) and lightweight (approx. 1,6kg)
    • incl. modeling lamp, flash tube and connection cable Flash Light-Battery Pack
  • WT-501 Boom Stand
    • very sturdy and stable Boom Stand
    • ideal for straigthened light from above, hair, effect and back light
    • load capacity: approx. 5kg
  • Studio Bage ‘Location‘
    • excellent protection for your equipment
    • padded dividers and variable internal layout of compartments
    • additional front pocket for small parts
Item description

Power whenever and wherever you want: The Location Set from walimex guarantees 100% mobility! No matter is you want to realize portrait, product or adventure photography on location or outdoor, with the Battery Pack as well as the Ring Flash and Flash Light you are optimally equipped for every occasion.

The Battery Pack is due to its low weight and its compact sizes especially predestined for the mobile use. The output of the 600 Watt powerful Battery Pack can be adjusted steplessly through 4 aperture stops from 1/8 to 1/1. You can charge the Battery Pack on two ways: Either you take out the battery and connect it with an adapter to the power supply or you charge it inside the battery pack via power jack.

With the Ring Flash RD-600 and the Flash Light RD-600, you will get the necessary light right in two different designs. The Ring Flash will be mounted on a flexible adjustable bracket, so that it is suitable for almost all camera models. The bracket has a 1/4 inch connection and can be mounted on a tripod as well, if necessary. The 600Ws power make the Flash Light to a potent, powerful companion on location and provides the right lighting conditions especially for product photography. Equipped with a 20W modeling lamp, a plug-in flash-tube for easy exchange as well as a 5/8 inch tripod connection, the necessary basics for a convenient use are certain. The reflector is surely also included!

The WT-501 Boom Stand supports your work and is a wonderful solution for setting highlights or generally for illumination from above.

The compact and well padded walimex Studio Bag provides enough space for the secure transportation of all high-quality set items. The sturdy carrying handle and the removable shoulder belt provide a convenient handling during transport. Therewith, you will have all transportation options with the Bag and the additional carrying case, e.g. the transport of the Battery Pack to the next outdoor shooting with the case or the transport of the complete set to the long-time fashion shooting in the studio bag!

Technical specification
Powerpack RD-600  
Dimensions (LxWxT) approx. 20x11x26cm
Operating Voltage DC 24V
Charging Voltage 220-240V
Output 1/1 to 1/8
Fuse 15A
Connection 4-Pin
Flash Releases up to approx. 190 (at max. output)
Weight approx. 3950g
Powerpack RD-600 Charger  
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 15x8x4cm
Type SL24-08-02SH
Supply Voltage 230V
Weight approx. 470g
Powerpack RD-600 Battery  
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 18x8x5cm
Type Ni-Mh
Operating Voltage DC 24V
Charging Time approx. 4 hours
Capacity 3000mAh
Weight approx. 1300g
Ring Flash RD-600  
Output 600Ws
Guide Number (with diffusor) 41
Guide Number (without diffusor) 47
Colour Temperature 5300-5700°K
Cable Length approx. 320cm
Inner Diameter approx. 10cm
Outer Diameter approx. 19cm
Power Supply through Battery Pack RD-600
Weight approx. 1100g
Material plastic (Ring Flash), metal (bracket)
Flash Light RD-600  
Output 600Ws
Guide Number 76
Recycling Time 2,2-5,4 seconds
Flash Duration 1/1000
Modeling Lamp 20W
Triggering Method sync cord, test button on Battery Pack
Colour Temperature 5300-5700°K
Flash Tube „plug-in“, user replaceable
Triggering Voltage 5V
Power Supply through Battery Pack
Cable Length approx. 420cm
Accessories protection cap, cable, modeling lamp, flash tube
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 20x14x25cm
Weight approx. 1600g
WT-501 Boom Stand  
Length of the Boom approx. 210cm
Max. Height approx. 175cm
Min. Height approx. 111cm
Carrying Height approx. 120cm
Max. Tube Diameter approx. 3,45cm
Max. Load Capacity approx. 5kg
Connection 5/8 inch with 1/4 inch thread
Total Weight approx. 7900g
Counterweight approx. 4400g
Studio Bag ‘Location‘  
Inner Dimensions (HxWxT) approx. 42x39x18cm
Outer Dimensions (HxWxT) approx. 46x46x23cm
Weight approx. 1,5kg
Material 100% polyester
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Battery Pack RD-600 with sync cord, carrying strap, charger, adapter and convenient carrying case
  • 1x walimex Ring Flash RD-600 incl. flash tube, diffusor and connection cable Ring Flash-Battery Pack
  • 1x walimex Flash Light RD-600 incl. modeling lamp, flash tube, connection cable and protection cap
  • 1x walimex Reflector for Flash Light RD-600
  • 1x walimex WT-501 Boom Stand with moveable counterweight
  • 1x walimex Studio Bag Location
Examples of Use