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walimex pro Daylight 3450 with Softbox, Ĝ150cm

Item number: 16842
  • powerful continuous light with 1900 Lux
  • uncomplicated type of lighting
  • can be used with compact cameras
  • perfectly suitable for taking pictures of bigger products and rooms
  • cold light source reduces heat development in studio
  • with 23 environment-friendly 30W bulbs instead of conventional 23x 150W
  • convenient: bulbs can be switched on and off in 3 segments
  • colour temperature: 5000-5500K
  • E27 lamp sockets
  • Octagon Softbox Ø150cm for a rounder, more natural eye light
  • incl. bag, front diffusor
Item description

The most superb kind of continuous light supply: This is what we promise with the new Daylight plus Softbox from our walimex pro series. The devices offer consistent power and uncompromising quality for many years. And is it not a high-quality studio equipment, which is – in addition to the own skills – the key for great pictures!?

With incredible 150cm diameter, the Octagon Softbox has gigantic dimensions and is the center of attention at the walimex pro Daylight 3450. Equipped with a removable front diffusor, it provides excellent results in product, portrait and beauty photography. Thanks to the environment-friendly cold-light source and the related low heat development you don´t need to worry about a hot softbox!

The Daylight 3450 is a powerful continuous light, which provides little light wonders in your studio. It needs much less power (23x30 Watt) than similar lamp systems. Therewith it is very environment-friendly and besides very variable, because the lamps can be switched on and off on 4 segments, according to your light need.

Taking pictures with the continuous light from walimex pro: Studio compliant top quality for a sensational price!

Technical specification
Dimensions (LxWxD) approx. 58x58x7cm
Output 23x 30W energy-saving lamps (instead of conventional 3450W lamps)
Light Output 1900 Lux (at 2m distance/ISO 100)
Fuse 10A
Voltage AC 220-230V/50Hz
Cable Length approx. 400cm
Socket E27
Weight approx. 6900g
Material metal
Diameter approx. 150cm
Material synthetic fiber
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro Daylight 3450 with Softbox Ø 150cm, incl. 23 30W lamps, front diffusor, power cord and convenient carrying bag
Examples of Use