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walimex pro Power Station

Item number: 16963
  • portable power supply unit for mobile power
  • ideal for photographic applications in studio, On Location and outdoor or for various use in leisure time, e.g. laptop, hairdryer and so on
  • provides reliable and continuous power independent from the power network
  • max. 1000W continuous power output
  • up to two electric devices can be connected
  • charging time approx. 5-6 hours
  • charging through power network or 12V car cable
  • compatible with almost all common flash devices (see Technical Specifications)
Item description

Power supply anytime and anywhere
Electricity is not available everywhere! Photographers can tell you a thing or two about it during outdoor and on location shootings. Nature is a great backdrop for a successful portrait shooting but only with a mobile power supply one can really draw with light. With the Power Station by walimex pro you are not only independent of the power grid and thus always well equipped. Also for free time activities and vacation, the walimex pro Power Station is absolutely reliable.

Compact power pack
The compact power pack by walimex pro provides two slots and thus space and power for up to two flash and electrical devices with a maximum of 1000W. The Power Station continuously supplies various devices with reliable energy and this allows up to 3500 flash releases depending on the flash head.

Simple usability
The Power Station shows the current states of operation in a clear manner, such as the charge standby. A cooling vent prevents overheating and thus ensures safety and reliability. The power supply unit can either be charged via the cigarette lighter in the car or the electric grid. Of course the appropriate cables are included in delivery. A full charge of the device only takes approx. 5 to 6 hours.

Technical specification
Max. Continuous Output 1000W
Charging Voltage AC 100-240V
Charging Voltage DC 12V (car cable)
Output Voltage 100-240 V (AC)
Output Frequency 220V 50HZ
Sockets 2x
Voltage Curve sinus wave
Energy Efficiency 85-87%
Accumulator plumb gel (built-in)
Capacity 2x 15 Ah = 30 Ah total
Quantity of Flashes   VC-300: 900x

Bowens Gemini 250R: 1080x
Elinchrom BX 250RI: 960x
Profoto D1 250: 1050x
Charging Time 5-6 hours
Fuse 3 A
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 30x18x21 cm
Weight approx. 14 kg (incl. battery)
Compatibility virtually usable for all flashes. Proved on: see below

walimex CY- Series, CR- Serie, K- Series Yes Yes Yes
  VC-200, VC-300, VC-400, VC-600 ( from serial number beginning with 0902), all VC-200 PLUS, VC-300 PLUS, VC-400 PLUS, VC-600 PLUS Yes Yes Yes
Illuminate Flash 250 / SD400 / SD600 Yes Yes Yes
Linkstar LF 250 / LF 500 Yes Yes Yes
Aurora / Aurora Lite Bank Genises 400/800, Fusion 300/600/900/1200, Camray 300, Orion 200/400 Yes Yes Yes
  Digis Yes Yes No
Hensel Integra 500 single light Yes Yes Yes
  Integra 500 Pro Plus Yes Yes No
  eFlash Yes Yes Yes
  Expert ProPlus 250/500/1000 Yes Yes Yes
  Expert B500 Yes Yes Yes
  MoNoflash Vario B400 Yes Yes No
Bowens Esprit 125/250/500/1000/1500 Yes Yes Yes
  Esprit2 500 / Prolight 120 Yes Yes Yes
  Esprit Digital DX250/DX500/DX1000 Yes Yes -
  Esprit Digital 750 Pro Yes Yes -
  MoNolite 400e, MoNolite 750 special Yes Yes Yes
  Esprit Gemini 500ws Yes Yes Yes
  Esprit Gemini Digital 250 / 500 Yes Yes Yes
  Prolite 41, 82 and 120 Yes Yes Yes
  Esprit Gemini GM 200 / 400 Yes Yes No
  MoNo 400D Yes Yes Yes
Elinchrom Style 100FX / 400FX Yes Yes Yes
  Style 100BX / 400BX Yes Yes No
  Style 300RX Yes Yes Yes
  Style 600RX/ 1200RX Yes Yes Yes
  D-lites 2/4 Yes Yes Yes
  Style 300S / 600S / 1200S Yes Yes Yes
  Style 300 / 600 Yes Yes Yes
  Classic EL 500 / EL1000 Yes Yes Yes
  EL 200ws Portalite Yes Yes No
  BX 500Ri / 250Ri Yes Yes No
Multiblitz Profilux (Classic) 200 / 400 / 600 Yes Yes Yes
  mini Studio 252/402 Yes Yes Yes
  Varispot Yes Yes Yes
Profoto D1 (Air) 250 / 500 Yes Yes Yes
  Compact 300 / 600 Yes Yes Yes
  Compact Plus 600/1200 Yes Yes No
  Acute 2 / 2R 600 /1200 Yes Yes Yes
  Compact Plus 600R Yes Yes No
Broncolor Visatec Solo Serie 400B / 800B / 1600B / 3200B Yes Yes Yes
Calumet Travelite 750 Yes Yes Yes
  Genesis 200 Yes Yes Yes
  Genesis 400 Yes Yes -
Richter Richter Star 250, 500, 750 Yes Yes Yes
Venditus Studioblitz L-500A Yes Yes Yes
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro Power Station, incl. car charger cable, power cable and connection cable for further power supply units
Examples of Use