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walimex pro Macro Intermediate Ring Set for Nikon

Item number: 17123
  • manual Adapter Ring for use in macro photography
  • reduces the focusing distance of the lens and thereby ensures shorter shooting distances
  • set consisting of three intermediate rings (7mm, 13mm, 27mm) and two bayonet rings
  • can be used in any combination for different reproduction scales
  • suitable for cameras and lenses with Nikon F mount
Item description

We make the unique and fascinating world of macro photography possible even for a smaller budget! With the Intermediate Rings from walimex pro you can save skimp on macro lenses, but without abandoning the usual high-performance quality.

The Intermediate Rings lengthen the extension of your lens, that is the distance between lens and picture. Therewith the focusing distance will be reduced and smaller shooting distances realized. This is ideal for the macro photography, where close distances matter. The three Intermediate Rings at 7mm, 13mm and 27mm and the two bayonet rings can be used in any combination, depending on your required shooting distance and reproduction scale.

Please note that the Intermediate Rings interrupt the communication between camera and lens. The adjustments must therefore be made manually on the lens.

Technical specification

General information

Set Components Three intermediate rings (7mm, 13mm, 27mm)
Connection Bayonet Connection Nikon F
Weight 100g
Material Aluminium
Product Color Black


Depth 65mm
Type Intermediate ring


Girth 395mm
Height of Packaging 70mm
Length of Packaging 115mm
Weight incl. Packaging 129g
Width of Packaging 85mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro Macro Intermediate Ring Set for Nikon, consisting of three intermediate rings and two bayonet rings
Examples of Use