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Walimex pro Mobile Shooting Table XXL

Item number: 17199
  • professional, particularly large shooting table
  • suitable for heavy and large objects
  • ideal for product photography, e.g. for eBay
  • translucid diffuser surface
  • adjustable table
  • with scaffolding for attaching lighting equipment, e.g. incident light and lower light
  • with background hooks for attaching paper backgrounds
  • high grade of mobility due to wheels
  • incl. 7 spigot clamps Ø28mm-35mm
Item description

The mobile Shooting Table XXL is perfect for quick and high-quality product shots and due to its size particularly for shots of larger objects. The large shooting table gains mobility due to the wheels that allow simple maneuvering without effort. It is ideal for internet dealers or eBay sellers. The acrylic shooting table top is mounted to the scaffold with 6 clamps. The stable scaffold guarantees stability even with heavy objects.

For working comfortably, the table height can be adjusted. The diffuse shooting top is ideal for photographing objects without shadows. It is translucid and therefore also allows shots with transmitted light from light sources placed behind or mounted to the scaffold under the table. For mounting lamps an extension arm for an incident light, and rods on the sides for further light sources or flash devices, as well as under the table for a lower light are available. The lower light ensures a shadow-free lighting from below. For mounting, e.g., flash lights, day lights and LEDs 7 clamps with a 5/8 spigot are available. The sweep creates a crossing between underground and background without a distracting bend.

The table also has background hooks which allow the use of 3 colorful paper backgrounds with a width of approx. 135cm, which can be swapped via background expan sets (not included in delivery) without any major modifications. All these advantages facilitate cropping the object later.

Technical specification

General information

Material Metal (frame), synthetic material (diffusion area)


Girth 5400mm
Height of Packaging 1500mm
Length of Packaging 1200mm
Weight incl. Packaging 41079g
Width of Packaging 800mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro Mobile Shooting Table XXL, consisting of:
    • 8x rod of Ø3.5cm, L=105cm
    • 6x rod of Ø3.5cm, L=86cm
    • 2x rod of Ø3.5cm, L=144,5cm
    • 4x rod of Ø3.5cm, L=131,5cm
    • 2x rod of Ø3.5cm, L=70cm
    • 1x rod of Ø3.5cm, L=100cm
    • 2x rod of Ø3.5cm, L=55cm
    • 6x rod of Ø3.5cm, L=25cm
    • 2x rod of Ø3.5cm, L=15cm
    • 1x shooting table top
    • 4x clamps for shooting table top
    • 7x clamps with 5/8 inch spigot
Examples of Use