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walimex pro Automatic Panorama Head 360°

Item number: 17210
  • high-quality head for 360° panorama and 360°x180° spherical panorama pictures
  • allows horizontal and vertical rotation around the nodal point of the lens or camera
  • horizontal rotation occurs automatically according to programming
  • with rotary disk (Ø approx. 20cm) for 360° product photos
  • with bubble level for precise leveling
  • exact scaling for perfect repetitions when adjusting the axes
  • compatible with various Canon and Nikon SLRs (see Technical specifications)
  • max. load capacity: approx. 3kg
  • incl. panorama software, radio remote control and release cable
Item description

With our high-quality Automatic Panorama Head you don’t leave anything to chance anymore when it comes to panorama pictures. The product impresses with its excellent workmanship and intuitive operation. The horizontal rotation is programmed into the Panorama Head and can be set exactly to the degree, i.e., your shots are carried out in precise intervals and fully automated. With the Head, your camera or lens is rotated around its optical center, the nodal point. That way, a parallax shift between the photographs will be avoided, which cannot be adjusted afterward at all or only with difficulties.

For controlling the device, you can also use the radio remote control. You will achieve professional panorama pictures, e.g. of nature sceneries, in no time at all. The l-rail can also be rotated vertically for multiline panoramas. The scaling on the l-rail allows you to note down values and precisely reproduce them later. The Panorama Head is fitted with a bubble level for exact leveling. It turns out to be a real all-rounder.

With the included rotary disk you can use it as an automatic 360° disk for product pictures, e.g. for eBay. The disk is screwed directly onto the Panorama Head and rotates your product by 360° in intervals as desired. That way your product pictures obtain a professional look.

The device can be operated with customary AA batteries or a mains adapter (5V DC 1,5A). Release cables for various Canon and Nikon cameras are included (see Technical specifications).

Technical specification

General information

Product Type Photo tripod accessories, Tripod head, Panorama head, electric panhead, ball head for Timelaps
Product Color Black
Material Metal, Synthetic material
Length 145mm
Width 95mm


Tripod Head Panorama head 360 degreee, Nodal point adapter
Max. Load Tripod Head 3000g
Weight Ball Head 1380g
Tripod Connection 3/8 inch
Camera connection 1/4 inch
Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 1
Panorma Scale Yes
Special Features Panorama Rotation 360°, Rotation Steps 1°


Girth 885mm
Height of Packaging 119mm
Length of Packaging 239mm
Weight incl. Packaging 1700g
Width of Packaging 204mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro Automatic Panorama Head 360°, incl. rotary disk, panorama software, radio remote control, and 5 release cables for var. Canon and Nikon cameras
Examples of Use