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Kipon Adapter Hasselblad to Nikon F

Item number: 17408
  • for using Hasselblad lenses with Nikon F cameras
  • mechanical connection, no electronic data transfer
  • manual setting of f-stop and focus
  • infinity focus possible without problems
  • simple mounting and demounting for quick lens swap
  • very precise and sturdy workmanship
  • suitable for: all Nikon cameras
Item description

The lens adapter connects your Hasselblad lenses to Nikon cameras. Due to the precise and accurate assembly, the adapter securely locks into the bayonet connection of your camera.

The connection is entirely mechanical, so no electronic data transfer takes place. Thus settings regarding f-stop, focus, etc. have to be made manually. Focusing to infinity can be done without any problems.

We also offer adapters for other lens types.

Technical specification

General information

Product Color Black
Material Metal
Weight 142g
Height 40mm
Diameter 80mm


Mount Camera Nikon
Mount Lens Hasselblad
Type Bayonet
Electronic Data Transfer No
Diameter 80mm


Girth 347mm
Height of Packaging 46mm
Length of Packaging 85mm
Weight incl. Packaging 158g
Width of Packaging 85mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Kipon Adapter Hasselblad to Nikon F
Examples of Use