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Weiss NP-60 Battery for Fuji, 1200mAh
Item number: 17487

  • compatible with digital cameras and camcorders by Aiptek, Hewlett-Packard, JAY-tech, Medion, Panasonic, Toshiba and others as well as Aputure Gigtube Wireless (see compatibility list in Technical specifications)
  • lithium-ion battery
  • premium cells of the brand Weiss with short-circuit protection, overload protection, and overheat protection
  • high capacity: 3.7V / 1200mAh
  • exact workmanship
  • long lifetime
  • reliable charge capacity
  • low self-discharge
  • no memory effect
Item description

In the development of Weiss batteries cell optimization, power output, and longevity of the battery as well as the avoidance of hazardous material in order to preserve the environment are key components.

It is fully compatible with the original battery and can be charged with the original charger without problems.

The batteries are equal to the original batteries in quality, workmanship and output. Consistent quality checks guarantee the high standard of the Weiss batteries.

Technical specification
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 53x35,5x7mm
Weight approx. 27g
Voltage 3.7V
Capacity 1200mAh
Compatibility Acer CR-5130, CR-6530
Agfaphoto DV-5000G, DV-5000Z
Aiptek PocketCam 8900, PocketDV 5700, PocketDV 8700, PocketDV 8800 LE, PocketDV AHD 100, PocketDV AHD 200, PocketDV AHD 300, PocketDV AHD 300 Plus, PocketDV AHD A100, PocketDV AHD C100, PocketDV AHD H125, PocketDV AHD H135, PocketDV AHD H250, PocketDV AHD T8 Pro, PocketDV AHD Z500, PocketDV AHD Z500 PLUS, PocketDV AHD Z600, PocketDV AHD Z700, PocketDV AHD Z700 Extreme, PocketDV DDV-V1, PocketDV H100, PocketDV T200, PocketDV T8 Classic, PocketDV V100 LE, PocketDV Z100 LE, PocketDV Z100 Pro, PocketDV Z200 LE, PocketDV Z200 Pro, PocketDV Z300HD, 3D i2
Aito, A-23002
Aputure Gigtube Wireless
BenQ DC 40, DC 5330, DC C50, DC C60    Braun, DV75
Casio QV-R3, QV-R4
Creative DiVi CAM 428, Vado HD Pocket Video Cam
Easypix DV5311, DV5311HD, DTX 5500, DVX 5050, DVX 5530
Ennyah DV310, DV320
Fujifilm FinePix F401 Zoom, FinePix F410, FinePix F601 Zoom, FinePix M50i
Gateway DC-T50
Hewlett-Packard Photosmart R507, Photosmart R607, Photosmart R707, Photosmart R717, Photosmart R725, Photosmart R727, Photosmart R817, Photosmart R827, Photosmart R837, Photosmart R847, Photosmart R927, Photosmart R937, Photosmart R967
JAY-tech DC7000, JayCam DC5890, JayCam DC6000, JayCam DC6025, JayCam DC6C, JayCam DSC5120, JayCam DXC11, JayCam i430, JayCam i5100, JayCam i560, JayCam i6628, JayCam i8280, JayCam i8330, JayCam VS7150, JTC HDV1080, JTC VideoShot DVH5910, JTC Videoshot HD5, VideoShot DVH20, VideoShot DVH22, VideoShot DVH5330, Videoshot HD DVH24, VideoShot HD2-G-Touch, Full-HD6s
Jenoptik JD 3.3 x 4 ie
Kodak EasyShare DX7440, EasyShare LS420, EasyShare LS443 Zoom, EasyShare LS633 Zoom, EasyShare LS743 Zoom, EasyShare LS753 Zoom, EasyShare Z730 Zoom, EasyShare-One
Lifetec LT 41856
Lumicron DV-5, LDC-4013, LDC-4230, LDC-626Z3
Maginon DC-5300, DC-5350, DC-5390, DC-6300
Magnex DC-5300
Medion 21X, Life P47002, Life P47005, MD 41856, MD 81238, MD 85146, MD 85733, MD 85806, MD 86064, MD 88188, Micromaxx MM 85085
Minox DC 5211, DC 6311
Mustek PVR-A1
Nikon E880
Nytech DS-8210, ND-6360
Odys MC-A8, MC-HD 800, MDV Opto HD8000, MDV-HD8, MDV-HD80i, MDV-Slim HD81i
Olympus AZ-1, AZ-2, AZ-2 Zoom, Ferrari Digital 2004
Oregon Scientific DS 9810
Panasonic SV-AS3, SV-AS30, SV-AS3A, SV-AV10, SV-AV100EG-S, SV-AV20, SV-AV25, SV-AV30, SV-AV35, SV-PT1
Pentax Optio 330, Optio 330RS, Optio 430, Optio 430RS
Polaroid PDC 3370
Praktica DC 52, DVC 6.1, DVC 7.1Z, DVC 5.2 FHD, HD11.0i, DVC 10.2 HDMI, DVC 5.1 HDMI, i8, M8
Prosio DS653, DVCam XV11, SlimNeo XV11, SlimNeo XV6, SlimNeo XV9, XT16i
Revue DC 6200
Ricoh Caplio 300G, Caplio G3, Caplio G4, Caplio G4 wide, Caplio RR10, Caplio RR30, Caplio RR300
Rollei DSX 410, DT4200, Movieline DV5, Movieline P3, Movieline P5, Movieline SD-5, Prego DP5300, Prego DP6000, Prego DP6300, Prego DP8330, RCP-10325X, RCP-8325X, XS-10 inTOUCH
Samsung Digimax U-CA 3, Digimax U-CA 4, Digimax U-CA 401, Digimax U-CA 5, Digimax U-CA 501, Digimax U-CA 505, Digimax V700, Digimax V800
Technaxx C4000
Toshiba Allegretto PDR-5300, Camileo H10, Camileo H20, Camileo HD, Camileo P10, Camileo P30, Camileo Pro, Camileo S10, PDR-5300, PDR-DC5300, PDR-DC8300, PDR-T20, PDR-T30
Traveler (Aldi) DV-5000, DV 5000 HD, DC-5300, DC-5390, DC-6300, DV-5070, HD 10X, HD 10XI
Trust PowerCam 922Z Optical Zoom
Vivitar Cam-8300, ViviCam 3930
Voigtländer D530, D630
Vupoint Solutions DV-DA1, DV-DM1
Yakumo Cammaster SD 482, Mega Image 34, Mega-Image 37, Mega-Image 47, Mega-Image 811x, Mega-Image IV, Mega-Image VI
Yashica ADV-530HD, ADV 1280D, DVCH800D, DVCHD2000P
Included in delivery
  • 1x Weiss NP-60 Battery for Fuji, 1200 mAh
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