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Wondlan Multi Video Rig for DSLR

Item number: 17521
  • convenient 3-in-1 video rig: individually convertible to shoulder or hand rig
  • stabilizing shoulder rig with one or two handles for smooth filming
  • also usable as a hand rig for more comfortable filming, especially from above
  • individually adjustable to requirements and height
  • with ball joint on the shoulder rig and handles for directing the camera
  • well-suited for heavier camera-lens combinations
  • lies securely in your hand
  • with convenient quick-release fasteners
  • made of light aluminum
  • with ergonomic handles
  • easy to take apart and space-saving storage
  • rubberized camera plate with 1/4 inch thread
Item description

Film like a pro
Let ‘er roll! What film professionals have been doing for a while is now in reach for you as well. Even entire episodes of popular American TV shows have been filmed with DSLR cameras. With the Multi Video Rig by Wondlan, professional film results that were reserved to Hollywood & Co. until now are possible for you now too.

Smooth and blur-free filming
The Multi Video Rig by Wondlan gives your camera the necessary stability and allows a smoother filming and blur-free panning. The camera is simply mounted to the rubberized camera plate. The rig is then set against your shoulder, while you can hold the rig securely by the ergonomic handles with one or two hands. Due to this solid support against your shoulder smooth and blur-free filming is guaranteed. A particularly convenient feature is that the Multi Video Rig can be converted into the Shoulder Video Rig: a more compact rig that is set against your shoulder and stabilizes the camera while one hand is free for operating the camera.

Comfortable filming from above
The Multi Video Rig can also be converted into the Hand Video Rig by Wondlan which makes filming with your camera much easier. On the one hand, you can film from above particularly well like this. On the other hand, you have a much better view of the display with the rig, and thus a much improved image control without having to stretch out your arms, but staying close to your body. The camera is simply mounted to the rubberized camera plate. With one hand you hold the rig securely by its ergonomic handle, while the other hand is free for operating the camera.

Flexible and adjustable
The Multi Video Rig consists of several parts that can quickly be put together or taken apart for transport with quick-release fasteners. This construction allows a quick and simple adjustment to your requirements and height, e.g., the distance between the camera plate and the shoulder rest can be shortened as needed. The ball joints on the shoulder rest and on the handles allow an exact direction of the camera. With quick-release fasteners, they are locked and opened super-quickly.

Top-quality and lightweight
When producing the Multi Video Rig by Wondlan, great importance was attached to the use of top-quality materials. The Rig, which is made of lightweight and robust aluminum, will convince you with its sturdiness and a low weight of approx. 1090g. That way, the rig does not put a strain on you unnecessarily; you stay flexible and are not limited in your freedom of movement. When using it as Hand Video Rig, it only weighs approx. 560g and as Shoulder Video Rig a mere approx. 430g.

Technical specification

General information

Width 200mm
Weight 1090g
Height 420mm
Length 350mm
Material Aluminium, synthetic material
Product Color Black, Silver, Blue
Depth 180mm
length handle 130mm
adjuster rail 200mm, 150mm, 120mm
Rod-based Yes
Compatible with Aptaris No


modular system Yes
Made in Germany No
Depth 180mm


Girth 1047mm
Height of Packaging 155mm
Length of Packaging 319mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 2028g
Width of Packaging 209mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Wondlan Multi Video Rig for DSLR, incl. shoulder rest, 2 handles, camera plate, 12cm bar, 2 15cm bars, 2 20cm bars, 4 clamps, hex-wrench
Examples of Use