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Wondlan Balance Video Rig for DSLR

Item number: 17522
  • steadycam for video DSLRs for stabilization during tracking shots and panning
  • for fluid, smooth and blur-free filming, even during quick camera movements
  • counterweight can be customized for camera model due to weight elements with varying weights
  • camera mount with precise x/y axis scaling and 2 bubble levels for exact evening out of the balance point
  • with spring in the handle for absorbing up and down movements
  • two exchangeable springs with different degrees of hardness for the handle
  • can be held comfortably and easily
  • rubberized camera mount with 1/4 inch thread
  • extremely robust and excellent workmanship
  • max. load capacity: approx. 3.3kg
  • with transport case
Item description

Film like a pro
Let ‘er roll! What film professionals have been doing for a while is now in reach for you as well. Even entire episodes of popular American TV shows have been filmed with DSLR cameras. With the Balance Video Rig by Wondlan, professional film results that were reserved to Hollywood & Co. until now are possible for you now too.

Well thought-out construction
The Balance Video Rig by Wondlan is a steadycam that completely absorbs the movements of the camera operator and does not unintentionally transfer them to the camera. In order to precisely work out the balance point of your camera, first mount the camera securely to the rubberized camera mount. Then attach the weight elements to the counterweight arm. Various weight elements between 25g and 250g are available to you for this, so you can adjust the counterweight to your camera model. Additionally, the camera mount allows an exact adjustment and later reproduction of your custom settings due to its precise x/y axis scaling and 2 bubble levels. The handle comes with an internal spring which absorbs up and down movements. An additional, softer spring is included in delivery. While you hold the rig with one hand, the other hand is free for operating the camera.

Smooth and blur-free filming
A camera operator who films with our Balance Video Rig can move freely without negatively impacting his filming. The steadycam allows you smooth and fluid camera movements due to its well thought-out construction. Movements, e.g. during walking or panning, are not transferred to the camera, as it rests in its balance point. That way you can achieve professional results in a simple way.

Excellent workmanship
When producing the Balance Video Rig by Wondlan, great importance was attached to the use of top-quality materials. The rig, which is made of aluminum, will wow you with its sturdiness, its light weight and with how wonderfully it lies in your hand. The rig is compact and does not impact your freedom of movement when filming. For transport, the rig is stored in a transport case.

Technical specification
Dimensions Camera Mount (LxBxH) approx. 16x7.5x3.5cm
Max. Lenght Counterweight Arm approx. 50cm
Length Handle approx. 13cm
Counterweight Elements 1x 250g
4x 100g
3x 50g
2x 25g
Max. Load Capacity approx. 3.3kg
Weight (without Counterweights) approx. 1.3kg
Connecting Thread 1/4 inch
Material aluminum, plastic
Included in delivery
  • 1x Wondlan Balance Video Rig for DSLR, incl. hand rig, 10 weight elements, 5 thread bolts, spring, 2 screws for camera fixation, screwdriver, transport case, software on DVD
Examples of Use