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Walimex Macro Shooting Table with 2 LED Lights

Item number: 17572
  • shooting table with two LED lights that can be used and dimmed independently of each other
  • ideal for macro shots
  • flex arms for mounting and for flexible adjustment of the LED lights
  • fixation of the LED lights with a screw fixation
  • diffuser sheet with glossy and matt side for sliding in
  • can be folded to very compact transport size
  • high-quality aluminum frame
  • low heat development of the LED lights
Item description

Convenient and compact
The Macro Shooting Table by walimex is an incredibly convenient and compact solution for creating high-quality product pictures or macro shots. The two included LED lights provide light power at a distance of 25cm of up to 19000 Lux to illuminate your motif perfectly. The diffuser sheet provides the optimal shooting surface to meet the highest expectations. As the shooting table can simply be folded and is extremely lightweight, little storage space is required for transport. That way, you have additional space for further equipment, e.g., in the trunk. Petite persons too can transport the table easily and the set-up is possible for just one person. The high-quality frame is made from lightweight aluminum and the construction is extremely sturdy, which ensures a particularly long lifetime of the product.

Flexible and customizable
The two LED lights with 204 LEDs each can be used, switched on and off and dimmed independently of each other. That way you can use them as main light and highlight. Even an illumination from behind is possible. Therefore, with this compact set a professional lighting set-up is possible. By using two lights, you create a depth of field and a three-dimensional impression, particularly in product photography. Both the LED lights are mounted to the table with flex arms. Like this you are flexible and can create even unusual lighting set-ups. The screw tops guarantee an extremely tight connection to the shooting table. Like this the lights won’t shift and no additional space is needed on the floor for mounting, like, e.g., for a lamp tripod.

Powerful technology
You can reach up to 19000 Lux at a distance of 25cm with both the LED lights. Due to this enormous light power, the set provides a wide spectrum of uses to you, especially in the macro field. Like this you are extremely flexible in fields like product and still life photography. As LED lights hardly develop any heat, relaxed working at a pleasant working temperture is possible. The color temperature of 6200K is in the daylight range, which allows a correct reproduction of the hue if the color was manually set on the camera. Like this, no retroactive color balance on the PC is necessary. You save additional editing time and costs. At 17W at full output, the LED lights distinguish themselves by a low energy use and by longevity, which means you save costs for rebuying lights and lamps in the long run. Two power supplies for the LED lights round off the product.

Technical specification

General information

Material Aluminium, synthetic material
Length 400mm
Width 340mm
Height 240mm
Weight 620g


Special Features With two independently usable and dimmable LED lights
Lenght Diffusion Area 405mm
Width Diffusion Area 500mm
Operation Area Marco picture


Girth 1575mm
Height of Packaging 109mm
Length of Packaging 519mm
Weight incl. Packaging 3072g
Width of Packaging 419mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Macro Shooting Table with 2 LED Lights, consisting of aluminum frame, diffuser sheet, 2 LED lights, 2 flex arms with screw fixation, 2 power supplies and 2 power cords
Examples of Use