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Walimex Macro Triple LED Light

Item number: 17573
  • three LED lights with flex arms
  • ideally suited for micro photos, e.g. of electronic parts, coins and stamps
  • e.g. for use as main, highlight and effect light
  • can be switched on and off and dimmed independently of each other
  • with spot fixture for each light for selective illumination
  • with color filters (red, yellow, green, blue) and diffuser sheets for every light
  • illumination angle: 53°-120°
  • with 1/4 inch thread for mounting on a tripod
  • with cold shoe for mounting on a DSLR
  • power supply by 4 AA batteries (not included)
Item description

The macro triple LED light by walimex is a clever little light with three flex arms that is particularly well-suited for the illumination of micro photos. The three LED lights can be switched on and off and dimmed independently of each other and the flex arms allow an individual alignment of the three lights and thus a flexible lighting set-up. With just this one triple light you can do a lighting set-up of main, highlight and effect light, which creates a three-dimensional impression. For this reason, the light is extremely well-suited for micro and macro photography. For example, the walimex light ensures fantastic results in the photography of cable clips or electronic parts, but also of coins and stamps. We recommend the use of a completely dark studio.

A spot fixture for each light is included which bundles the light, making an exact placement of the light possible. Like this you can achieve great effects. For placing color effects 4 color filters each in the colors red, yellow, green and blue are included with the light. Also included are four diffuser filters for a particularly soft and even lighting. The set is therefore also well-suited for advertising photography of micro articles.

The light is mounted via its 1/4 inch tripod thread on any commercially available tripod or via the cold shoe on every camera that has a cold shoe. With the light you are therefore absolutely flexible!

The light is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), which you can buy everywhere worldwide. Therefore no electrical connection is necessary, which allows working even in places without their own power supply. Due to its small transport size, the light can be packed easily and can be used everywhere.

Technical specification

General information

Product Type LED steady light
Product Color Black
Width 80mm
Height 300mm
Depth 120mm
Weight 275g


Depth 120mm
Lamp LED
Number of LEDs 3
Performance 1W
Brightness continuously variable dimmable Dimmable independent of each other
Colour Temperature 5000-5500K
Color Temperature adjustable Yes, Yes by color filter, included in scope of supply
Illumination Angle 53-120°
Inclinable Yes
Power supply unit included in scope of supply No
Connection Mount Hot Shou Mounting adjustable
Power Supply 4x 1.5V AA batteries


Girth 655mm
Height of Packaging 79mm
Length of Packaging 400mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 409g
Width of Packaging 209mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Macro Triple LED Light, incl. 3 spot fixtures, 4 color filters each in the colors red, yellow, green, and blue and 4 diffuser sheets
Examples of Use