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walimex pro Powerblock with Coiled Cord for Metz

Item number: 17600
  • enduring – compact – mobile
  • innovative external battery for Metz camera system flashes
  • reduces the recharge time to up to approx. 1 second
  • approx. 250-320 flash releases
  • ideal for wedding and reportage photography
  • mobility due to compact size and low weight
  • clear charge and battery status display
  • incl. belt clip, carrying strap, mains battery charger and 12V car cable
  • compatible with: Metz 58 AF-2, 58 AF
  • walimex Powerblock Plug Connector to USB
    • for connecting devices with a USB connection to the walimex pro Powerblock
    • off the line power supply
    • ideal for charging or running smartphones, tablet PCs, MP3 players etc., e.g., Apple iPhone and iPad
Item description

Our Powerblock will conquer the world of photography!
It is an incredibly compact, mobile, and enduring innovation which solves one of the biggest problems of the strobist: The little energy giant ensures that your compact flash does not run out of power at the next event. It supports the internal batteries for up to approx. 250-320 flashes and shortens the recharge time to max. 1 second – unthinkable up to now!

For example, with the flash Nikon SB-800, equipped with alkaline batteries 1.5V at maximum flash output together with the Powerblock you can trigger 60 times with a recharge time of 1 second. After that the recharge time extends to 3 seconds. Without the Powerblock, on the other hand, you can only trigger every approx. 3 seconds and after only 20 releases the recharge time already extends to approx. 6 seconds.You will not want to do without the PowerBlock, particularly at events where pictures with flash are taken frequently and at short intervals, e.g., weddings. It is simply all-around impressive!

The Powerblock impresses with its flexibility: it can be used with flashes of various manufacturers by simply swapping the connecting cable. The absolutely sophisticated design can be seen in the details as well: With help of the clear recharge and battery status display, you are always informed about the current state of the device. It can be recharged with the included mains battery charger or 12V car cable. The attached belt clip and the carrying strap support your mobility.

walimex Powerblock Plug Connector to USB
For powering your flash device you already know and appreciate it. But the Powerblock by walimex pro does not just serve well in the field of photography. With the plug connector by walimex, you can connect devices with a USB connection to the Powerblock. That way it is perfectly suited for charging or running smartphones, tablet PCs, MP3 players etc. That your smartphone battery dies while out – this problem is a part of the past! With it you can, e.g., charge your iPhone anytime and anywhere, off the line.
Technical specification

1x walimex pro Powerblock für Systemblitz

1x walimex pro Powerblock Spiralkabel für Metz

general articleinformation

Length 1900mm
Product Color black,
Weight 95g


Girth 348mm
Height of Packaging 39mm
Length of Packaging 144mm
Weight incl. Packaging 150g
Width of Packaging 90mm

1x walimex Powerblock Steckverbinder auf USB

general articleinformation

Height 15mm
Length 175mm
Product Color black,
Weight 30g
Width 25mm


Girth 103mm
Height of Packaging 14mm
Length of Packaging 189mm
Weight incl. Packaging 29g
Width of Packaging 25mm


Girth 1360mm
Height of Packaging 150mm
Length of Packaging 440mm
Weight incl. Packaging 1029g
Width of Packaging 310mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro Powerblock for Compact Flashes, incl. belt clip, carrying strap, mains battery charger and 12V car cable
  • 1x walimex pro Powerblock Coiled Cord for Metz
  • 1x walimex Powerblock Plug Connector to USB
Examples of Use