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walimex Camera Holster for DSLR

Item number: 17601
  • sturdy belt for wearing the camera
  • automatic locking mechanism in the holster
  • belt clip with lock against accidental opening
  • attachment of the bracket to the tripod connection on your camera via screw
  • fixation of the belt with Velcro
  • adjustable to different sizes
  • comfortable, back-friendly carrying of the camera
  • made from heavy-duty belt material
  • high-quality workmanship
Item description

Always ready to shoot
With the Camera Holster for DSLRs by walimex your camera is always ready to shoot. The belt is carried on your hip. It is well-padded and very comfortable. As it is made from heavy-duty nylon, the belt is extremely resilient and has a long lifetime. It is suitable for all shooting situations and also ideal for outdoor use. With this belt, your camera is always ready but you can also do without an annoying shoulder belt. As the weight of the camera is equally distributed over the belt and carried by your hip, the belt is also suitable for heavier camera models and particularly back-friendly.

Absolutely secure
A bracket is fastened to the tripod connection of your camera with a screw. That way it is very securely fastened to the camera body. The bracket is automatically secured in the holster with a special locking mechanism. This mechanism ensures that the camera can only be removed from the holster in a specific position. This is possible quickly and with one hand, while an accidental removal of the camera is prevented. Like this you always have a hand free for other things and your camera is secured against falling in the holster. These elements of the belt are all made from metal so that a high stability and long lifetime are guaranteed. The belt is fastened with a snap closure made from high-quality plastic. The fastener exhibits little wear and a low weight while at the same time being very sturdy. Due to the fastener, the belt is put on quickly. The fastener of the belt is secured against accidental opening with a lock that can simply be opened by hand. The belt is secured with Velcro and can be individually adjusted to your body, which prevents it from slipping. Tip: Of course you can also use two holsters at the same time, if you work with 2 camera bodies – that way you are even more flexible. 

Inconspicuous and unsusceptible
Due to ist black color, the holster is inconspicuous and unsusceptible to dirt. Especially for animal photography, this is essential.

Technical specification
Belt Length approx. 85-110cm
Weight approx. 350g
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Camera Holster for DSLR, incl. camera bracket
Examples of Use