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walimex 7in1 Flash Light Shaper Set

Item number: 17603
  • flash light shaper set for system flashes, consisting of standard reflector with diffuser, standard reflector with honeycomb, snoot with honeycomb 20 degrees, snoot with honeycomb 40 degrees, hexagon soft box, beauty dish and mini bounce diffusor
  • quick and easy set-up via snap fasteners
  • very high light efficiency
  • foldable flat and space-saving to store
  • made from sturdy plastic
  • extremely lightweight
Item description

Flash light shaper set for mobile photojournalism and portrait photography
The 7in1 Flash Light Shaper Set for System Flashes by walimex is a must have especially for photojournalism and portrait photography. It is made from plastic and its very robust and sturdy build guarantees a long lifetime. The light shapers are either fastened with a rubber band, which creates a secure and solid connection, or via Velcro, which makes a flexible adjustment and use with different system flashes possible. The set can be folded extremely flat and therefore be stored in a very space-efficient manner, even in small photo bags. The light shapers are put together with snap fasteners which ensure a quick and stable setup. Like this, swapping out the light shaper is even faster. All light shapers in this set are also suitable for remote flashing.

The standard reflector
The standard reflector is built in a rectangular shape which ensures a large illumination angle. The diffuser or the honeycomb are attached to the reflector with Velcro, a way of attaching them in both a solid and flexible manner, which makes a quick switch between soft and hard light possible. The two layers of the diffuser guarantee an even softer lighting while the honeycomb ensures directed light characteristics.

The snoot 20 degrees and 40 degrees
The snoots have a rectangular shape with honeycomb with an illumination angle of 20 degrees and 40 degrees, which is characterized by directed light characteristics. This makes them ideal for portrait shots.

The hexagon soft box
The hexagon shape of the hexagon soft box ensures a high light efficiency and a large illumination angle, which makes the soft box as a highlight in combination with a powerful system flash ideal for small group pictures of 2 to 3 persons. Via snap fasteners, you can also attach a diffuser to the soft box, whose softer light characteristics make it ideal for portrait and product pictures.

The beauty dish
The beauty dish has a typical round build which allows a very large scale illumination with soft light characteristics. For this reason, the beauty dish is well-suited for full-body portraits. It creates a beautiful, round highlight in the eyes. The rear reflector can be removed, which results in harder light characteristics.

The mini bounce diffusor
The mini bounce diffuser is small and is put together with a snap fastener. It is ideal for the internal flash of the camera and ensures a very soft fill-light.

Technical specification


Lenght softox 330mm
Length Diffusor 200mm
Product Color black,
Width Diffusor 140mm
width Softbox 300mm

general information

Product Color black,
total weight 1400g

general articleinformation

Lenght honnycomb intention (flash head) 80mm
Lenght reflector 180mm
Lenght softox 330mm
Length Beauty Dish 470mm
Length Diffusor 200mm
Product Color black,
total weight 1400g
Width Beauty Dish 205mm
Width honnycomb intention (flash head) 60mm
Width mini bouncer 50mm
Width reflector 140mm
width Softbox 300mm


Girth 1489mm
Height of Packaging 100mm
Length of Packaging 629mm
Weight incl. Packaging 1965g
Width of Packaging 330mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex 7in1 Flash light Shaper Set,  consisting of standard reflector with diffuser, standard reflector with honeycomb, snoot with honeycomb 20 degrees, snoot with honeycomb 40 degrees, hexagon soft box, beauty dish, mini bounce diffusor, bag
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