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walimex pro Pro Video Rig for Video DSLRs
Item number: 17862

  • for better and calmer filming with DSLRs
  • can be precisely adjusted to individual body height and camera-lens-combination
  • well-cushioned and stabilizing shoulder pad
  • modular assembly with quick-release fasteners
  • with follow focus wheel for precise focusing
  • c-bracket with convenient grip for filming at the worm’s eye view
  • incl. hinged bracket for mounting an external monitor or a recording light
  • made from high-quality aluminum
Item description

Hollywood shows us how it’s done! More and more filmmakers use DSLR cameras for filming scenes or entire movies. With the walimex pro Pro Video Rig for Video DSLRs you can join in and it gives you the assets of a tripod without limiting your mobility. With it you can film better and more calmly, because the camera is stabilized by the shoulder pad.

The product is assembled modularly, i.e., it can be set up as necessary and adjusted to the photographer’s needs. Everything is quickly put together with quick-release fasteners.

The rig consists of a sturdy c-bracket with an ergonomic grip for filming from the worm’s eye view, to which the various elements are attached via aluminum rods with quick-release fasteners. On the c-bracket, the supporting element, you can find the shoulder pad, two rubberized grips, the camera connection plate and the lens screen with barn doors. The follow focus wheel, with which you can set the focus of the lens absolutely precisely, is one of the highlights and emphasizes the pro character. A hinged bracket can be attacked to the side or top of the c-bracket via a 1/4 inch connection, allowing you to connect an external monitor or a recording light.

Become a video pro with walimex pro!

Technical specification
Total Dimensions (HxWxD) approx. 42x27x55cm
Weight approx. 2.5kg
C-Bracket (Height) approx. 13.5cm
Hinged Bracket (Length) approx. 26cm
Shoulder Pad (Length) approx. 30cm
Height Adjustability Barn Doors approx. 5.5cm
Adjusting Bars (Length) approx. 15cm
Adjustability Follow Focus Wheel approx. 6cm
Handle Bar (Length) approx. 25cm
Max. Load Capacity approx. 5kg
Material aluminum, metal, rubber foam, plastic
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro Pro Video Rig for Video DSLRs, incl. c-bracket with grip, shoulder pad, 2 adjusting bars, follow focus wheel, handle bar, 2 grips, camera mounting plate, lens screen with barn doors and hinged bracket
Details & functions

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