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Walimex ND Filter ND4 52 mm

Item number: 17863
  • ideal for landscape photography
  • ensures even dim-out of the picture
  • reduces the amount of light and makes slower shutter speeds possible
  • extends expose time by 2 f-stops
  • creates wiping or flowing effect in long exposure shots
  • excellent optical characteristics
  • precisely manufactured metal frame
  • top quality
Item description

Ideal for landscape photography
The ND filter by walimex ensures an even dim-out of the picture. It reduces the amount of light and by doing that also extends the shutter speed by 2 f-stops. The filter makes longer exposure times possible, giving you a wiping or flowing effect in long exposure shots. With it, e.g., flowing water looks very soft or like flowing fog.

Excellent workmanship
The ND filter has great optical characteristics. The high-quality lens is inserted in a precisely manufactured metal frame. The filter comes with an additional inside thread which allows you to use additional filters. It is transported in a protective case.

Technical specification

General information

Product Color Black
Weight 10g
Height incl. Filter Thread 7mm
Diameter 52mm


Density (ND) 0,6
F-Stop -2
Filter factor 4
Filter Diameter 52mm
Ring Material Metal
Slim Setting No
Coating No


Girth 257mm
Height of Packaging 19mm
Length of Packaging 100mm
Weight incl. Packaging 68g
Width of Packaging 100mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex ND Filter ND4 52 mm
Examples of Use