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walimex Tripod Traveller Mountain, 160cm
Item number: 17897

  • ideal for hikes, walks, e.g. landscape, time lapse, and other long-term exposures
  • high-quality tripod with 3-way video panhead with 4 leg segments
  • quick-release plate from metal with cork overlay
  • center column can be reversed and shortened from 34cm to 15.5cm
  • with foam handles and spikes
  • leg angle fixation with swivel lock
  • hook on center column for stabilization with weights
  • change of panhead possible
  • small transport size
  • incl. transport bag
Item description

With the tripod Traveller Mountain by walimex you are well-equipped particularly for landscape, time lapse, and other long-term exposures. Especially on long hikes or walks, the compact tripod is an ideal companion.

Much flexibility for videography and photography
The tripod is well-suited for videography as well as photography. Due to the video panhead tracking and panning are easy to do and blur-free shots are guaranteed. As needed, the panhead can be swapped out. The center column is reversible and allows more flexibility with just one tripod: it is particularly useful for shots with short lenses at slower shutter speeds and in sports photography in order to track moving objects more easily. As the center column can be shortened from 34cm to 15.5cm, a low position of the camera is possible. The tripod is therefore ideal for ground-level shots from a worm’s eye view. Spikes ensure a secure footing on soft surfaces.

Very user-friendly
The leg angles of the tripod are fixated with a swivel lock. That way, a quick adjustment of the leg angle is possible. The quick-release plate is made of metal and comes with a cork overlay. It is extremely solid and very sturdy, and ensures a good grip in connection with the camera. Especially when shooting in portrait format, the cork overlay prevents a slipping of the camera. The grips of the tripod are foam-padded and ensure a good grip and protect your hands from the cold. This is ideal both in summer and winter, as a slipping and cold tripod legs are prevented like this. The foam-padding is also convenient for carrying the tripod on your shoulder, as the tripod can be laid on the shoulder comfortable due to the padding. On the hook of the center column, weights for stabilization can be attached, like for example a sand bag or the camera bag. That way the tripod is more stable and the gravity center of the camera-lens combination can be shifted. A possible overturning of the tripod is prevented.

Comfortable transport
Due to the 4 leg segments a quick setup and disassembly is possible and the tripod has a very small transport size. That way it fits on most camera bags and photo backpacks. A transport bag for protecting it from being damaged and for a higher carrying comfort is included.

Technical specification
Max. Height approx. 160cm
Min. Height approx. 30.5cm
Transport Size approx. 49cm
Length of the Center Column approx. 34cm
Max. Load Capacity approx. 2kg
Weight approx. 1.5kg
Connecting Thread 1/4 inch
Material aluminum
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Tripod Traveller Mountain, 160cm, incl. transport bag
Details & functions

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