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Walimex Spacer Ring Set for Canon

Item number: 17912
  • for extending the distance between lens and image plane in macro photography
  • field of depth is decreased
  • consists of 3 spacer rings: 13, 21, 31mm
  • contacts for data transfer
  • suitable for cameras and lenses with Canon EF and Canon EF-S bayonet
Item description

For a greater reproduction scale in macro photography
The spacer rings are mounted between lens and camera and extend the distance between lens and image plane in macro photography. That way, the reproduction scale is increased and the depth of field is decreased. This allows you to set apart the object from the background more easily. The spacer rings can be used with various lenses.

Three spacer rings for more flexibility
The set consists of three spacer rings in different sizes. They allow you to decrease the minimum focus distance of your lens in three different steps, which automatically increases the reproduction scale. They can also be combined with each other. However, that decreases the lens speed which is why the use of a tripod is strongly recommended.

Contacts for data transfer
The spacer rings are equipped with contacts for transferring the EXIF data. Exposure measurement is possible in TV and AV modes. The auto focus also works due to the contacts.

Technical specification

General information

Set Components Three spacers: 13, 21, 31mm
Connection Canon EF and Canon EF-S Bayonet
Material Metal
Product Color Black


Type Intermediate ring
Connection Canon EF and Canon EF-S Bayonet


Girth 370mm
Height of Packaging 70mm
Length of Packaging 90mm
Weight incl. Packaging 287g
Width of Packaging 70mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Spacer Ring Set for Canon, consists of 3 spacer rings of 13, 21, 31mm
Examples of Use