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Fish-Eye & Camera Accessories Set Canon 600D 550D
Item number: 18253

  • great set with the walimex pro 8/3.5 Fish-Eye for Canon, ideal for traveling and long photo tours, consisting of 1x walimex pro 8/3.5 Fish-Eye for Canon, 1x mantona Aventurin Camera Bag, 1x Aputure Battery Grip BP-E8 for Canon and 2x Weiss LP-E8 Battery for Canon, 1420mAh
  • walimex pro 8/3.5 Fish-Eye for Canon
    • Fish-Eye 8mm suitable for the following cameras: Canon EOS 1D, 1D Mark II, 1D Mark II N, 1D Mark III, 1D Mark IV, 7D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 600D, 550D, 500D, 300D, 350D, 400D, 450D, 1000D, 1100D
    • not suitable for full format cameras
    • fantastic and unique perspective with high depth of field
    • multi-coated glass lenses
    • minimum distance: approx. 0.3m
  • mantona Aventurin Camera Bag
    • high-quality, water-repellent material
    • much space for camera accessories
    • well-padded
    • individually adjustable, removable interior
  • Aputure Battery Grip BP-E8 for Canon
    • ideal for portrait format pictures
    • extends the runtime of the camera
    • many functions of the camera can be adjusted on the grip (e.g., f-stop, AF measuring field)
    • additional magazine for 6 commercially available AA batteries
  • Weiss LP-E8 Batteries for Canon, 1420mAh
    • lithium-ion batteries
    • premium cells of the brand Weiss with short-circuit protection, overload protection, and overheat protection
    • replace Canon battery LP-E8
Item description

walimex pro 8/3.5 Fish-Eye for Canon

The Fish-Eye Lens by walimex pro makes a whole new view of things possible. Due to the unique perspective, your creativity is not limited. Whether in panorama and landscape photography or in narrow rooms, with the walimex pro Fish-Eye you can achieve brilliant panorama shots. Due to the exceptional depth of focus and the image angle of 180°, all options are open to the adventurous photographer.

Top-quality workmanship
The walimex pro Fish-Eye has a focal length of only 8mm. At a minimum distance of 30cm, exciting wide-angle pictures can already be captured in brilliant sharpness. The fast lens speed of 1:3.5 allows excellent shots even in less favorable lighting conditions. The lens is optimized for DSLR cameras with APS sensors. A fixed lens hood prevents laterally occurring stray light and lens reflections. The glass lenses of the lens are coated and thus ensure a brilliant contrast and sharpness range as well as a well-rounded color balance. The particularly high-quality optics of the lens ensures optimal image results.

mantona Aventurin Camera Bag

The mantona Aventurin unites all advantages of a compact camera bag with the classical design of a business bag. The interior, which optimally protects the photo equipment, can be removed and that way, the Aventurin can also be used as a briefcase or for transporting laptops (up to 15.4 inches). The interior of the mantona Aventurin is comfortably padded and water-repellent, so that DSLR cameras and accessories are protected from impacts at all times. The individual compartments are connected by Velcro which allows you to individually adjust them for your needs. The bag is either carried with its handle or with the carrying strap which can be adjusted in length. The high-quality material of the mantona Aventurin protects from rain and can be cleaned with a damp cloth without problems.

Aputure Battery Grip BP-E8 for Canon

The quality and the features of the high-quality brand product by Aputure do not take second place to the original BG-E8 by Canon. Especially for photographing in portrait format, a secure hold on the camera is a deciding factor aside from the ease of use. For this reason, the grip is ergonomically formed and equipped with an anti-slip rubber lining. Additionally, this grip provides a possibility to attach a wrist strap. On the grip all features necessary for portrait format photos are repeated. Due to the possibility of inserting twice as many batteries, the runtime of the camera doubles. As an alternative to using rechargeable batteries, 6 commercially available AA batteries can also be used. The battery grip by Aputure offers all features of the original by Canon. It is equipped with AE lock/FE storage and selection of the AE measuring field. The tripod thread is repeated on the bottom of the grip.

Weiss LP-E8 Batteries for Canon, 1420mAh

In the development of Weiss batteries cell optimization, power output, and longevity of the batteries as well as the avoidance of hazardous material in order to preserve the environment are key components. They are fully compatible with the original battery by Canon and can be charged with the original charger by Canon without problems. The batteries are equal to the original batteries in quality, workmanship and output. Consistent quality checks guarantee the high standard of the Weiss batteries.
Technical specification
walimex pro 8/3.5 Fish-Eye  
Focal length full-frame 8mm
Light intensity 1:3.5
Lenses / Groups 10 / 7
Picture angle full-frame approx. 180°
Focusing distance approx. 0.3m
Diameter / length approx. 75mm / 100mm
Weight approx. 400g
mantona Aventurin  
Interior dimensions (HxWxD) approx. 31x23x10cm
Exterior dimensions (HxWxD) approx. 35x25x17cm
Additional compartments 4 compartments with zipper, 2 compartments with velcro, 1 large compartment on the back of the bag
Color black
Material polyester mix
Battery Grip BP-E8  
Weight approx. 340g (without battery)
Compatibility Canon EOS 550D, 600D
LP-E8 Battery for Canon  
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 55.1x36.8x15.5mm
Weight approx. 57g
Voltage 7.4V
Capacity 1420mAh
Compatibility Canon EOS 550D, 600D
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro 8/3.5 Fish-Eye for Canon EF-S with convenient carrying bag and protection cap
  • 1x mantona Aventurin Camera Bag
  • 1x Aputure Battery Grip BP-E8 for Canon incl. additional magazine
  • 2x Weiss LP-E8 Battery for Canon, 1420mAh
Details & functions

Shot at a focal length of 8 mm

Full frame (35mm) sensor with Fisheye with lens hood


APS-C sensor with Fisheye with and without lens hood



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