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walimex Photo Studio Set 'Beginner'

Item number: 18263
  • excellent photo studio set for beginners, consisting of 2x walimex 100 M16 Studio Flash, 1x walimex Foldable Background white, 140x195cm, 1x walimex 4-channel Radio Trigger Set TR-D4, 2x walimex WT-806 Lamp Tripod, 256cm, 2x walimex Translucent Light Umbrella white, 84cm
  • walimex 100 M16 Studio Flashes
    • ideal as background lights or effect lights
    • flash output 100Ws each, adjustable from 1/1 – 1/16
    • automatic rebuffing when reducing the flash output
    • plug-in flash tube
    • with test button, photo cell and control light
  • walimex Foldable Background white, 140x195cm
    • easy to transport foldable background, which can be quickly folded to one third of its size
    • ideal on the go and in the studio
  • walimex 4-channel Radio Trigger Set TR-D4
  • Radio Trigger Set for the mobile use, consisting of 4-channel transmitter, 4-channel receiver, sync cord 3.5mm, adapter 3.5mm to 6.3mm
    • enables convenient, wireless operation
    • max. range: approx. 30m
    • fits all hot shoes except Minolta Dynax and Sony Alpha
  • walimex pro WT-806 Lamp Tripods, 256cm
    • shock absorbers in each section
    • adjusted as quick as a flash by means of quick-release lever
    • max. load capacity: 6kg
  • walimex Translucent Light Umbrellas white, 84cm
Item description

walimex 100 M16 Studio Flashes – the ideal studio flashes for beginners
The studio flashes walimex 100 M16 are perfectly suited for beginners. At an output of 100Ws, the flash is ideal as a high light or head light in smaller lighting set-ups. The flash is also great for passport pictures in darkened rooms. The flash is built extremely compact and lightweight, so that it can be placed comfortably behind the model due to its small size. The flash is also optimal for work on location due to its compact size and sturdy design. The output of the flash can be adjusted steplessly to 1/16 and therefore adjusted to every light situation without any problems. That way much more precise work is possible, and you save time on post-processing. When reducing the flash output, the flash automatically rebuffs, resulting in fewer faulty exposures. The flash tube is a plug in flash tube, so you can replace it yourself if necessary. Triggering the flash can be done via the sync cable or the built-in photo cell. This allows the integration into flash systems of other manufacturers, e.g. as background or effect light.

walimex Foldable Background white, 140x195cm
The Foldable Background from walimex is perfectly suited for passport, application or portrait photography. With a size of 140x195cm, the background can fulfill a big part of photographic demands. The stretcher frame always provides the required stability. It bounces up on its own and can be folded and stored in the carrying bag within seconds.

walimex 4-channel Radio Trigger Set TR-D4
The Radio Trigger Set TR-D4 by walimex is predestined for the mobile use: The transmitter can be simply mounted on the hot shoe of your camera or connected with the sync cord, which is included in delivery, to the sync connection of your camera. The remote receiver is connected to one of your studio flashes or mobile devices with the jack plug. Of course, you can enlarge this set by purchasing additional receivers from our shop.

walimex pro WT-806 Lamp Tripods, 256cm
The excellently processed stands can be used portably and flexibly with a net weight of approx. 2.2kg each and a transport size of approx. 109cm each. The spring suspension provides the necessary reliability when lowering the individual stand elements.

walimex Translucent Light Umbrella white, 84cm
The walimex Translucent Light Umbrellas provide an even and soft illumination for your motif. They are simply attached to the umbrella brackets of your studio flashgun.

Technical specification
100 M16 Studio Flashes  
Flash Output each 100Ws
Guide Number 34
Output Control Range 1/1 – 1/16 variable
Recycling Time to Full < 2s
Flash Duration 1/1500-1/800s
Modeling Lamp Output each 75W variable (in proportion to flash output)
Triggering Method photo cell, sync cable, test button
Slave Range approx. 10m
Color Temperature 5600K
Flash Tube 'plug-in', user replaceable
Power Source AC200-240V, 50Hz
Fuse for Flash and Lamp 5A
Illumination Angle 55°
Sync Voltage 6V DC
Tripod Connection 5/8 inch
Sync Cable approx. 3.0m long , with phone jack 3.5mm
Weight approx. 1.25kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 18x11x22.5cm
Foldable Background  
Dimensions (WxH) approx. 140x195cm
Transport diameter approx. 70cm
Weight approx. 1650g
Material plastic, metal ring
Radio Trigger Set TR-D4  
Transmitter/Remote Control  
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 7x4x3cm
Weight approx. 30g
Color black
Material plastic
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 7x4x2cm
Weight approx. 50g
Color black
Material plastic
Frequency 433Mhz
Max. Range approx. 30m
Cable Length approx. 30cm
Battery 2x 1.5V AAA (not included)
WT-806 Lamp Tripod  
Max. height approx. 256cm
Min. height approx. 98cm
Transport size approx. 109cm
Max. load capacity approx. 6kg
Weight approx. 2.2kg
Connection 5/8 inch spigot with 1/4 inch thread
Material aluminum
Included in delivery
  • 2x walimex 100 M16 Studio Flash with modeling lamp, flash tube, sync cable, power cord,
  • 1x walimex Foldable Background white 140x195cm with convenient carrying bag
  • 1x walimex Radio Trigger Set TR-D4, consisting of receiver, transmitter, sync cord 3.5mm, adapter 6.3mm to 3.5mm
  • 2x walimex pro WT-806 Lamp Tripod, 256cm with convenient carrying bag
  • 2x walimex Translucent Light Umbrella white, 84cm
Examples of Use