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Walimex pro 24/3,5 T-S DSLR Pentax K black

Item number: 18897
  • professional 24 mm wide angle Tilt and Shift lens suitable for Penatx K-bayonet and Samsung GX
  • ideal for architectural, landscape and photography and product photography
  • independent tilt and shift rotation to regulate perspective and focal depth
  • tilt function for extending the focal range
  • shift function for displacing the lens system with respect to the focal plane
  • max. inclination angle of ± 8.5 degree, max. adjustment level ± 12mm
  • excellent image quality right to the edges of the image
  • high lens speed of 1:3.5
  • manual setting of focus and aperture
  • 16 coated glass lenses, two of these aspherical and two ED-lenses
  • adjusting screws to lock the lens setting
  • rotation on the optical plane by 90 degrees possible (in steps of 30 degrees)
  • incl. lens pouch and protection caps
Item description

Creative image composition
The walimex pro 24mm wide angle lens with tilt and shift function offers a vast variety of posibilities for crative image composition. No matter whether optical illusion, e.g. in miniature optics, or unusual image formats with selective blurring, the TS lens realizes these tasks in the usual high-quality mode. The wide angle lens offers a fixed focus of 24mm and a high lens speed of 1:3.5. An overall number of 16 coated lenses (including two aspherical and two ED-lenses) ensure high image quality. Aperture settings and focussing are made manually.

"Shift, tilt and focus"
The independently rotating tilt and shift mechanism is the highlight of this lens. The housing can be displaced by +/- 12mm (Shift) and slewed by +/- 8.5° (Tilt). The shift function displaces the lens system in relation to the focal plane, whereby it is able to compensate for converging verticals. This is of particular interest in architectural photography. With the tilt function the lens system can be gradually swivelled, whereby e.g. the focal range can be displaced while maintaining a short exposure time. This vast number of optical settings offers numerous creative possibilities, also e.g. in product and landscape photography.

Technical specification

General information

Product Color Black
Length 111,5mm


Crop Factor 1,5
Suitable for Sensor APS-C
Field of Application Lens Architecture, Countryside, Art
Field of Application Art, Architecture, Countryside, Panoramic Scene
Bayonet K
Manufacturer Pentax
Lens connection Pentax K
Camera Model Pentax K-3 II, Pentax K-S2, Pentax K-S1, Pentax K-3, Pentax K-50, Pentax K-5 II, Pentax K-30, Pentax K-5, Pentax K-7, Pentax K200D, Pentax K20D, Pentax K10D, Pentax K100D, Pentax K-70, Pentax K110D, Pentax K110D Super, Pentax K500
Range of Application Photo
Type Tilt Shift
Minimum Focusing Distance 0,2m
Lens Speed 1:3,5
Image Effect like MFT 12mm
Image Effect like APS-C 15mm
Lenses / Groups 16 / 11
Image Effect on Full Frame 24mm
Image Effect on APS-C 38,4mm
Image Effect on MFT 48mm
Angle of View 59,9°
Number of Aperture Slats 6
Filter Diameter 82mm
Lens Diameter 86mm
Developed for Full Frame
Internal Focusing No
Usage Photo
Category Tilt Shift


Girth 834mm
Height of Packaging 136mm
Length of Packaging 222mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1019g
Width of Packaging 170mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro 24/3,5 Tilt-Shift lens for Pentax/Samsung, incl. protective covers and lens pouch
Examples of Use