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Walimex pro starter complete set 77 mm

Item number: 20422
  • Set of high-quality filters for all occasions
  • Filter size 77 mm
  • UV filter to protect your lenses and to produce a clear image
  • Polarization filter for prettier colours and less reflections
  • Low density fader for an arbitrary exposure time
  • All filters made of glass and coated

Item description

No matter whether you want clear images, more saturated colours or whether you would like to creatively change your images by extending the exposure time - a well sorted filter assortment should not be missing in any photo equipment. Filters can be used for many purposes and, depending on the type of filter, they will generate impressive effects, like e.g. flowing water falls or non-reflecting water surfaces. Besides a polarization filter and an ND-fader this set also contains an UV-filter and is thus excellently suitable for landscape photography.

walimex pro Slim MC UV Filter
The Slim MC UV Filter by walimex pro is a filter that is perfectly suited for landscape photography. It blocks ultra violet light and reduces chromatic aberrations which would lead to haziness. The UV filter prevents a hazy visibility which makes it irreplaceable especially for photography in high-altitude mountains. When using this UV filter, post-processing work is cut down extensively.

walimex pro zirkular polarization filter
A deep green, a bright blue sky and non-reflecting water surfaces: The walimex pro Zirkular polarization filter achieves impressive effects, especially in landscape photography. Colours become considerably deeper and brighter, contrasts are enhanced. Irritating reflections on water surfaces or window glass, as well as gloss on non-metal surfaces are reduced.

walimex pro ND-Fader ND2-ND400
The neutral-density filter from walimex pro extends the exposure time, so that e.g. motion blurring and flow effects can be achieved. This extension can be infinitely and individually adjusted from factor 2 to 400, giving you the exactly required neutral-density filter for any shooting situation. It is mainly used in landscape photography. In addition it also ensures uniform darkening of the image and reduces the light quantity, so that a lower focal depth can be achieved with the aperture open.
All walimex pro filter have outstanding optical properties. The high-quality filter, which is made of multi-coated glass, has a metal socket and can be precisely adjusted. It is transported in a protective covering, which protects the filter against harmful UV-radiation and thereby considerably prolongs its service life.

Technical specification


Girth 721mm
Height of Packaging 100mm
Length of Packaging 215mm
Weight incl. Packaging 295g
Width of Packaging 153mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro Slim MC UV-Filter 77mm, 1x walimex pro polarization filter zirkular coated 77mm, 1x walimex pro ND-Fader coated, 77mm ND2-ND400
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