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Walimex pro Flexibler TTL Schwanenhals Nikon

Item number: 21068
  • Nikon
  • TTL- Transmission capability
  • Swivelling and Robust
  • Metal gooseneck
  • Adjusting screw for the flash shoe
Item description
    Flexible gooseneck with TTL transmission for Nikon
    The flexible TTL gooseneck from walimex pro couples the functionality of a flash rail and that of a TTL flash cable. The gooseneck is mounted between the flash shoe of your camera and a TTL capable flash. The TTL gooseneck transmits the pulse and the TTL data to the connected flash via an electronic connection. This means that the flash is also triggered with each camera release. The gooseneck is approx. 34 cm long, so that the flash is above the lens axis. This allows the flash to strike the subject from a high and flexible position from above. This reduces drop shadow and prevents the red-eye effect.

    Flexible tilt for fast switching between landscape and portrait mode
    The mounted flash can be tilted and swivelled as required. Flash rails are much more limited in this respect. The moveability of the gooseneck also makes it possible to return the flash to its original position with just one movement when changing between landscape and portrait format.

    For TTL - capable cameras and flashes
    The gooseneck is suitable for Nikon cameras and Nikon compatible iTTL flashes. Also, it is possible to use non-brand TTL attachable flashes to a large extent. The gooseneck can also be used for manual attach flashes, but without TTL transmission.

    With counter ring for stable attachment to flash shoe
    The connection of the gooseneck is equipped with a counter ring. This allows a firm locking at the flash shoe of the camera.
Technical specification

General information

Connection Camera Connector: Standard-ISO Mounting Shoe, Flash Connector: Standard-ISO Hot Shoe
Weight 225g
Length 340mm
Material Synthetic material, metal
Product Color Black


Connection Camera Connector: Standard-ISO Mounting Shoe, Flash Connector: Standard-ISO Hot Shoe


Girth 285mm
Height of Packaging 54mm
Length of Packaging 379mm
Weight incl. Packaging 280g
Width of Packaging 59mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro flexible TTL Gooseneck Canon
Examples of Use