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Walimex pro Universal Speedlight Holder

Item number: 21219
  • Universally and infinitely adjustable Universal Speedlight Holder for speedlights and compact flashes
  • Compatible with Bowens and Walimex pro mount
  • Attachment for reflex/translucent umbrella
  • Angle can be adjusted in steps
  • Rubberised pads for secure assembly of the flash unit
  • Spigot mount for assembly on a tripod
  • Tool-free assembly and use
Item description

Use studio accessories on the move:
This sturdy Walimex pro universal system flash holder makes your speedlight and compact flash suitable for accessories. Studio equipment such as beauty dishes, softboxes, spot fixtures, reflectors, and much more, can be used with this universal holder, opening up a whole range of new options to you. For strobism fans, it makes an ideal solution for using your system flashes with studio accessories on location.

Technical features:
A translucent or reflex umbrella can be mounted and secured to the special umbrella mount. Thanks to the rubberised pad and the well-designed fixation system, the speedlight flash housing is being gripped on both sides, and yet will stay securely in place. The angle of the system flash holder can be adjusted in steps; and the large, grippy clamp lever has a ratchet function. With the quick-release lever on the side, studio accessories with a Walimex pro mount or Bowens mount can be quickly mounted or changed. The Walimex pro Universal Speedlight Holder can be mounted on a tripod using the spigot connector.

Technical specification

General information

Width 55mm
Weight 442g
Height 220mm
Length 150mm


Girth 465mm
Height of Packaging 55mm
Length of Packaging 220mm
Weight incl. Packaging 442g
Width of Packaging 150mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Walimex pro Universal Speedlight Holder with Walimex pro / Bowens mount and quick-release lever
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