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Walimex pro Spigot Connecter 5/8" to 5/8"-11/16"

Item number: 22033
  • With the walimex pro spigot connector, the large family of professional tools for photographers and video-makers has gained another important and ingenious member
  • The adapter can be used whenever equipment or devices have to be connected and when they both have a spigot connector
  • 5/8” spigot connector
  • 5-8”-11/16” spigot connector
  • Lock with two fastening screws
Item description

By professionals for professionals
All photographers have it – the box with all the important and non-essential, larger and small adapters, tools and aids that always help if you are looking for a special or particularly smart solution. This box should now include another part: the walimex pro spigot connector. It can be used whenever equipment or device parts have to be connected and when they both have a spigot connector.

It is made using a sturdy pressure dye-casting process and has a female spigot connector on both sides. One has the classic size of 5/8”, which is usual in photography, and the other can take 5/8” and 11/16” spigot pins.
Creating connections
Whether you want to connect a lamp tripod to a boom pole or turn a large swivel arm with spigot pints into a C-stand – the walimex pro spigot connector is the ideal solution for you.

Technical specification


Girth 265mm
Height of Packaging 35mm
Length of Packaging 110mm
Weight incl. Packaging 120g
Width of Packaging 65mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro spigot connector – 5/8” to 5/8”-11/16” with 2 fastening screws
Examples of Use