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Mantona Kodiak XL 324 Fortress 15

Item number: 22533
  • Professional aluminium tripod with variable centre column
  • With ball head "Fortress 40" (15 kg load capacity) and matching tripod bag
  • High quality workmanship, comfort and precision on all 3 movement planes
  • Max. Load capacity 15 kg, height adjustable from 8 to 190 cm
  • Only 2.56 kg weight and 63 cm packing size
  • 4 tripod leg segments with diameters of 32, 28, 25 and 22 mm, ring lock screw caps
  • Including padded tripod bag and 2nd short centre column
  • Ideal for sophisticated macro, landscape, architecture and animal photography
Item description

The Mantona Kodiak XL 324 F15 tripod is the optimal choice for ambitious travel, outdoor and nature photographers with special requirements. The Kodiak series offers comfort and precision in all 3 planes of motion thanks to a swiveling and rotating centre column. The height-adjustable, 210° tiltable, and 360° rotating centre column gives you unlimited freedom for the placement of your equipment. In the XL Version the tripod offers a working height of 8 to 190 cm and an outstanding stability. The included ball head has a very high load capacity of 15 kg. It too pleases with its first-class workmanship as well as with its full-featured equipment including friction control.

Highest variability for your recordings
Thanks to its extremely variable working height, the Kodiak proves to be a true multi-talent. With the centre column fully extended, the Kodiak XL 324 F15 offers a working height of impressive 190 cm. Even with the center column inserted and thus maximum stability, the result is a very comfortable 160 cm maximum height.
The Kodiak's strengths show especially in macro photography. With its foldable centre column construction, your photographic equipment can be brought in almost any desired position. In addition, with the separate, short centre column, the working height can be reduced to a minimum of 8 cm. Of course, the centre column can also be placed in reverse position below the tripod shoulder for hanging camera shots. All setups are torsion-proof and enormously stable due to the intelligent centre column and tripod shoulder construction.

First-class handling, clever details and elegant controls
The tripod's legs angle can be adjusted by means of the ergonomically formed locking clips in 3 steps. Very voluminous and stable tripod legs made of aluminium with diameters of 32, 28, 25 and 22 mm provide for a safe footing - due to the integrated spikes and the stabilizing hook even on soft terrain like bog, snow and ice.
A spirit leve set in the tripod shoulder facilitates the precise setup of the tripod. The intelligent construction of the tripod shoulder allows clean, damped panorama pans even without a tripod head.
The three foam handles allow a comfortable handling even in cold weather conditions. There's a Mini-LED lamp included in the scope of delivery, which is a nice gadget for assembly and disassembly in low light.

Exclusive ball head and bag included
The attached Mantona Fortress 40 ball head convinces with highest quality and functionality as well as a particularly rich equipment. Arca-Swiss compatibility, top-quality processing with high-quality control elements and the highest user-friendliness are combined with a very remarkable maximum load capacity of 15 kg. The ball head has a special feature: A friction control screw. This allows the adjustment of the resistance when turning the ball head and also controls the adjustment range for the locking of the ball head. Using the thumb or the tool supplied, the friction path can be adjusted simply and effectively to the weight of your equipment, or also to your individual preferences. Thus a long adjustment range provides for a particularly sensitive operability. For heavy equipment or especially fast handling the friction path can be reduced to nearly zero.
Also included in delivery is a high-quality, padded tripod bag with a length of 66 cm.

Ball head with Arca-Swiss quick-change system
The Quick-release plate of the Onyx ball head is Arca-Swiss compatible. Scales on the ball head base as well as on the quick-release plate guarantee the precise setup of your shot. The complete equipment is completed by two spirit levels and a bubble level. Proper damping and a precise panorama scale allow for clean and controlled panorama pans.

Kodiak XL 324 F15 Features:

  • Comfort and precision on all 3 planes of motion
  • 210° foldable and 360° rotatable center column due to innovative tripod shoulder construction
  • Maximum load capacity tripod 18 kg, ball head 15 kg
  • Incl. high-quality ball head, transport and storage bag
  • Height adjustable from 8 to 190 cm
  • Only 2.56 kg weight incl. ball head
  • Pack size 63 cm incl. ball head
  • 4 tripod leg segments with diameters of 32, 28, 25 and 22 mm
  • Ring-Lock screw caps
  • Second short centre column and reverse function for macro shooting
  • Incl. bag, spirit level, foam coating, stabilizing hook, spikes and mini LED Lamp
  • 5 years warranty on tripod and ball head

Ideal for:

  • Demanding landscape, architecture and wildlife photography
  • For full frame, DSLR, mirrorless DSLM and system cameras, camcorders
  • Macro photography
  • Studio, event and wedding photography, interviews
  • Portraits, reports and documentation
  • Spotting Scopes
  • Gimbal tripod heads

Technical specification

1x Mantona Fortress 40 Kugelkopf (S1-4015AF)

General information

Product Type Ball head
Material Aluminum, synthetic material, rubber, synthetic fiber (bag)
Product Color Black, Grey
Length 78mm
Width 72mm
Height 102mm
Weight 443g


Tripod Head Ball head
Max. Load Tripod Head 15000g
Height Ball Head 100mm
Weight Ball Head 443g
Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 3
Outside Diameter Spherical Head Housing 53mm
Diameter Ball in Ball Head 40mm
Camera connection 1/4 inch
Length quick change plate 60mm
Width Quick Change Plate 44mm
Height quick release plate 11mm
Weight quick change plate 43g
Compatible quick change systems Arca Swiss
Panorma Scale Yes
Removable with fall arrest Yes
Special Features Extra wide Arca-Swiss quick-change plate
Tripod Connection 3/8 inch, 1/4 inch retrofitted via threaded adapter


Girth 560mm
Height of Packaging 120mm
Length of Packaging 100mm
Packaging Material Colour Packaging
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 548g
Width of Packaging 100mm

1x Mantona Kodiak XL 324

General information

Product Type Photo Tripod
Material Aluminium, Synthetic material, Stainless steel, Rubber
Product Color Black, Grey
Length 530mm
Width 110mm
Weight 2120g


Min. Working Height 80mm
Max. Load Tripod 18000g
Weight Tripod without Head 2120g
Pack Measure 53cm
Material Tripod Legs Aluminium
Number Tripod Legs 3St
Leg Locking Ring lock
Number of Leg Segemts 4
min. work height reserve 80cm
Max. Working Height 1800mm
Height Tripod without head 1500mm
min. work height reserve 0mm
Diameter 1st Leg Segment 32mm
Diameter 2nd Leg Segment 28mm
Diameter 3rd Leg Segment 25mm
Diameter 4th Leg Segment 22mm
Number of Gummed Leg Segments 3St.
Leg Angle Adjustment 3
Length middle column 39cm
Length 2nd middle column 60mm
Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 1
Spikes Yes
Reversible Central Column Yes
Tripod incl. head No


Girth 2015mm
Height of Packaging 575mm
Length of Packaging 145mm
Packaging Material Colour Packaging
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 2688g
Width of Packaging 145mm

1x Mantona Fotostativ Tasche XL gepolstert 66 cm

General information

Product Type Photo tripod accessories, photo tripod bag
Material Metal, Synthetic fibre, Nylon, Imitation leather
Product Color Black
Length 660mm
Width 150mm
Weight 555g

Data outside

Length (outside) 660mm
Width (Outside) 150mm
Length (inside) 645mm
Width (Inside) 135mm
Outer Diameter 150mm
inner diamter 135mm
Number of Compartments 1
quantity outside compartments 0
quantity inside compartments 1
bag with padding Yes, 10 mm
Locking Systems Zipper
Shoulder Strap Yes


Girth 1310mm
Height of Packaging 100mm
Length of Packaging 670mm
Packaging Material Polybag
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 592g
Width of Packaging 220mm


Girth 1420mm
Height of Packaging 160mm
Length of Packaging 700mm
Weight incl. Packaging 3828g
Width of Packaging 200mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Mantona Kodiak XL 324 Photo tripod
  • 1x Mantona Fortress 40 ball head
  • 1x Separate, short center column
  • 1x Mini LED Lamp
  • 1x Tool set
  • 1x Mantona photo tripod bag XL padded 66 cm
Examples of Use