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XEEN CF Cinema 16mm T2,6 PL Full Frame

Item number: 22854
  • Professional Cine-Lens with extremely compact dimensions, for PL Mount
  • Very low weight of 1,010 grams thanks to the use of carbon fiber in combination with metal
  • Image circle of 43.3 mm for S35, ARRI Alexa, Sony Venice, RED Helium / Dragon and full format sensors
  • Focal range 16mm, 8K resolution, T2.6 - T22
  • Luminescent markings
  • Perfect also for handheld camera, gimbal, car rigs or drones
Item description

Innovations, novelties and proven concepts
The XEEN CF series of XEEN cine lenses is characterised by the surprisingly small dimensions of the individual lenses and their extremely low weight. With approximately 40% less volume and 20-30% less weight than previous lenses, the XEEN CF cine lenses open up completely new possibilities for filmmakers. Samyang's XEEN CF lenses are the first cine lenses in the world to use a carbon fiber lens barrel - hence the name: Carbon Fiber. Their absolutely high-quality craftsmanship combined with their low weight are a big plus for the XEEN CF lenses.

8K resolution, Full Frame Image Circle
The XEEN CF lenses provide 8K resolution and an image circle of 43.3mm. This means that these lenses can be used on full-frame cameras as well as on professional cine cameras such as the ARRI Alexa and Alexa Mini, the Canon EOS C700, the Sony Venice or the RED Helium or Dragon. Cameras with larger sensors like the ARRI Alexa LF and the RED Monstro can use the XEEN CF lenses in most modes, except Open Gate. The XEEN CF lenses can of course be used on smaller sensors like APS-C and APS-H just as well.

Many options
The XEEN CF lenses are available with PL, Canon EF and Sony E Mount. The variable look of the image is another characteristic of the versatility of these lenses: when the aperture is open, you get the typical soft look of vintage lenses, often referred to as "creamy": warm, balanced skin tones, gentle bokeh and subtle, harmonious halations. At smaller apertures, the image becomes clear and "crisp": crystal clear contrasts and sharpness right into the corners allow you to capture realistic and "cool" images. In combination with ND filters, completely different looks are possible with just one lens.
As usual with cine lenses, the XEEN CF lens also features distance and aperture values that can be read from both sides as well as gear rings for the steplessly adjustable aperture and the smooth, precise focusing with Follow Focus. With a diameter of only 95 mm (instead of 114 mm as in the classic XEEN lenses), the diameter of the lens has also shrunk considerably. This is why the price-performance ratio of XEEN CF lenses is excellent.

Ready for every shoot
Details such as the luminescent lettering on both sides of the lens barrel make working on the set much easier. The gear rings for the Follow Focus systems are slightly wider than in the classic XEEN lenses, the teeth higher and with rounded corners. The bright 16mm T2.6 XEEN CF is internally focusing and and very versatile.
Like all XEEN CF Cinema lenses, this lens has a resolution of 8K. The front diameter of 95 mm and the position of the aperture and focus ring are exactly the same on all XEEN CF lenses. This means that changing lenses, whether in rig or on a tripod, is quick and easy, even with a Follow Focus System or a Matte Box installed. This lens is 82.3 mm long.
As usual with cine lenses, this XEEN CF lens also features a steplessly adjustable aperture, distance and aperture values on both sides of the lens as well as gear rings for focusing with Follow Focus and for changing the aperture. With a diameter of only 95 mm (instead of 114 mm as hitherto), the diameter of the lens has also shrunk considerably. The XEEN CF lenses therefore offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

Usage and quality
This lens range is also ideally suited for use on gimbals, drones or car rigs. The focusing performance is outstanding, even when the aperture is fully open. It can be precisely controlled via the 200° focus path. The close-up limit is 30 cm, the aperture path 40°. The exact weight, the exact dimensions and further information can be found in the technical data.

Technical specification

General information

Material Aluminium, Carbon, Rubber, Glass
Product Color Black
Width 100mm
Weight 900g


Lens connection PL
Developed for Full Frame
Suitable for Sensor APS-C, Full Frame
Focal Distance 16mm
Lens Speed 1:2,6
Internal Focusing Yes
Number of Aperture Slats 11
Minimum Focusing Distance 0,3m
Lens Diameter 95mm
Type Wide Angle
Category Wide Angle
Field of Application Lens Architecture, Countryside, Journey


Girth 1040mm
Height of Packaging 260mm
Length of Packaging 130mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1290g
Width of Packaging 130mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x XEEN CF Cinema 16mm T2.6 PL mount
  • 2x Protective lens caps (front and rear)
Examples of Use