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Walimex pro LED Rainbow 100W RGBWW Set 4

Item number: 23069
  • This set consists of 2x Walimex pro Rainbow RGB LED Square Lamp 100W plus 2x Walimex pro GN-806 Lamp stand 215 cm, 2x V-Mount Battery 190 Wh / 14.4 V / 13,200 mAh, 2x V-Mount Premium Charger.
  • Versatile LED luminaire for colour light as well as bi-color white light, freely adjustable colours and colour temperatures, dimmable. With built-in effect generator.
  • Power supply via power supply unit with long cable (included). Operation also possible with V-mount battery. Individual or group remote control via app (iOS & Android, free app) and DMX.
  • Effect generator with different lighting situations for film shoots or events. The colour change can also be triggered via microphone or music from a smartphone, ideal for parties.
  • The set includes one Walimex pro GN-806 Lamp Stand per lamp. It is ideally suited for this lamp and is extendable to a working height of 215 cm.
Item description

Complete set for your studio!
This set includes everything you need to get started with coloured light right away: 2x Walimex pro Rainbow RGB LED Square Lamp 100W as well as 2x Walimex pro GN-806 Lamp stand 215 cm, 2x V-Mount Battery 190 Wh / 14.4 V / 13,200 mAh, 2x V-Mount Premium Charger.

Luminaire: Set colourful accents - completely without colour gels!
The Walimex pro Rainbow RGB LED Square Lamp 100W (item no. 23035) provides every visible colour for your photo or video shoot, additionally white light between 3,200 and 9,999 K. With this, you are provided with any desired white light and any desired colour in freely selectable intensity and brightness. In RGBW dimming mode, you can individually adjust red, green, blue and white from 0 to 255 each, allowing over 4.22 billion combinations. In Hue / Saturation / Intensity mode, you can choose from 360 shades of colour on the colour wheel, plus saturation between 0 and 100% and brightness between 20 and 100%, resulting in 2.88 million combinations.

Classic white light from warm to cold included
In bi-color mode, you can regulate the white light LEDs in steps of 100 K between 3,200 and 9,999 degrees Kelvin. Use the luminaire as a classic bi-color luminaire for scenes where you need white light. Thanks to the wide range of mixing options, you can also add slight nuances of colour to the white light without having to dig deep into the colour pots. Thanks to a colour rendering index of over 95 Ra, the light is of the highest quality and is also flicker-free, allowing you to work with film and video cameras even at high frame rates.

Independent thanks to battery dock
Thanks to the battery dock for V-Mount batteries, you are completely free to choose your photo and film set. Work in the studio or on location and use the Rainbow LED RGB Square Lamp also outdoors without restrictions. One battery charge is enough for hours of continuous operation. In the studio you can use the included power supply and work for an unlimited time. Matching (additional) batteries can be ordered separately as separate accessories under article numbers 23038 and 23040, a charger under 23039.

Completely remote controllable via App and DMX
With the free "Rainbow LED" app for Android and iOS, you can control one or more luminaires conveniently and intuitively via Bluetooth. Connecting the luminaire is quick and easy. Assign the luminaire to a group that you can control globally or operate it individually. All colours and effects are freely available to you, as are switching on and off. Preferred colour settings can be stored in the app as presets. The app also allows you to control the light to music on your smartphone or via the microphone. The colours pulsate to the beat of the music or to what the microphone detects. You can also integrate the luminaire into your DMX universe (DMX 512) and control it via 4 channels.

Effects on board
You can select various colour and lighting effects on the device itself: Colour gradients for soft fade-in, fade-out or cross-fading, stroboscopic effects for coloured or white flashes, and pulse effects with colour changes at full brightness. In addition, there are pre-programmed effects, from a flickering fireplace via a roaring party to a police car. Use these effects for film and video recordings or for events. The effects can be easily accessed and controlled via app. Via DMX you can simulate these and other effects yourself.

Lamp Stand: Modern, cleverly designed lamp stand for a wide range of applications
The Walimex pro GN-806 is a modern lamp stand with many clever detail solutions. The leg segments of this lamp or studio tripod can be positioned both classically and flat on the floor. In practice, this results in the very pleasant effect that the tripod legs are no longer obstructive and the tripping hazards are extremely reduced - no matter whether on indoor or outdoor locations. The 102 cm diameter base ensures a very secure standing. With a maximum load capacity of 5 kg, the Walimex pro GN-806 offers high reserves for the attachment of photo equipment of all kinds. System flashes, studio flashes, lamps together with reflectors, all kinds of light shapers and other photo equipment can be attached.

Large working height with compact dimensions
With the Walimex pro GN-806 you can vary the working height from 60 to 215 cm. With a ground level use of the stand legs, you can reach a maximum working height of 188 cm and with a classic set-up a comfortable 215 cm. The extremely compact packing size of 59 cm and the low weight of 1,570 g make this stand comfortable to use and portable even for mobile use.

High-quality batteries and chargers included
The high-quality Li-Ion battery from Patona delivers 13,200 mAh / 14.4 V / 190 Wh of power. It also features a D-Tap output and a USB output. At only 1,040 grams, it hardly weighs much for this performance class. Its dimensions of 96 x 152 x 57 mm make it very compact. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, you can be on the road for hours with the Rainbow light, independent of the mains. To go with the battery, we include the V-Mount Premium charger, with which you can fully charge this battery in a few hours. So that you don't have to get up at night and change batteries for larger productions, you get one charger per battery. Overheating and overcharging protection keeps the battery fully charged until you unplug it.

Technical specification

2x Walimex pro WT-806 Lampenstativ 256cm

General information

Product Type Lamp tripod, Studio tripod
Material Aluminium
Product Color Black
Width 80mm
Weight 1530g


Min. Working Height 1020mm
Max. Working Height 2560mm
Max. Load Tripod 6000g
Pack Measure 98cm
Fastening Tripod Connection Adapter Phillips screw
Connection 1/4 Inch with thread connection, Spigot 5/8 16 mm cone
Tripod Excerpts 3St.
Number of Tripod Segments extendible 2
Damping System Spring damping
Diameter 1st Tripod Segment (from below) 35mm
Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below)Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below) 30mm
Diameter 3rd Tripod Segment (from below) 26mm
Material Tripod Legs Aluminium
Transportation Bag, Tripod included Yes


Girth 1404mm
Height of Packaging 100mm
Length of Packaging 990mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 2000g
Width of Packaging 107mm

2x Walimex pro LED Rainbow 100W RGBWW Flächenleuchte

General information

Product Type LED Fluorescent Light, LED steady light
Material Aluminium, synthetic material, Electronic Components
Product Color Black/silver
Width 440mm
Height 410mm
Depth 110mm


Depth 110mm
Lamp LED
Performance 100W
Illumination Angle 120°
Lifespan 50000h
Luminosity Bi-Color 0,5m 5700Lux
Body material Metal and Plastic Combination
Flaps included in scope of supply Yes
Tansportation bag, Lamp included Yes
battery mounts at the device 1x V-mount
Charger included No
Connection Mount 16mm inclusion and 5/8 inch spigot, U-Mounting
DMX control yes, DMX 512


Girth 1810mm
Height of Packaging 495mm
Length of Packaging 500mm
Packaging Material Colour Packaging
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 5650g
Width of Packaging 160mm

2x V-Mount Premium Ladegerät

General information

Product Type Battery Charger
Product Color Black
Length 110mm
Width 45mm
Height 30mm


Compatible Battery Models V-Mount
Input Cable Charger Euro plug


Girth 380mm
Height of Packaging 60mm
Length of Packaging 180mm
Packaging Material Colour Packaging
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 385g
Width of Packaging 100mm

2x V-Mount Akku 190Wh / 14,4V / 13200mAh

General information

Product Type Battery
Product Color Black
Height 57mm


Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery incl. Chip Control yes, incl. overheatprotection
Compatible battery mount V-Mount


Girth 480mm
Height of Packaging 80mm
Length of Packaging 185mm
Packaging Material Colour Packaging
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1176g
Width of Packaging 120mm


Girth 2780mm
Height of Packaging 450mm
Length of Packaging 740mm
Weight incl. Packaging 18100g
Width of Packaging 570mm
Included in delivery
  • 2x Walimex pro Rainbow LED RGB Square Lamp 50W (23034), each with
    • 1x Barn Doors (mounted, removable)
    • 1x Power Supply Unit
    • 1x Transport and Storage Bag
  • 2x Walimex pro GN-806 lamp stand (21424), each with
    • 1x 16mm spigot with 3/8 inch threaded connection (installed)
    • 1x Adapter 3/8 inch to 1/4 inch threaded connection
  • 1x Patona V-Mount Battery 190 Wh / 14.4 V / 13,200 mAh (23040)
  • 2x Patona V-Mount Premium Charger (23039)
Examples of Use