Walimex Flash Diffuser f. Canon 550EX/580EX, 5 pc.

Item number: 15280
  • suitable for Canon 550EX, Canon 580EX models
  • smooth and even illumination
  • avoids the „red-eye“ effect
  • reduces shadows and reflections
  • incl. flash bounces: yellow, blue, orange and transparent
Item description

A lot of exposures will be destroyed through quick and hard flashes. Pictures with red-eyed people and ugly flash reflections are not unusual. The walimex flash bounce can turn a hard flash into an even, smooth light and illuminate the objects in focus evenly. The diffuser looks like a small light bowl and through its structured inner surface the light will be strayed smoothly.  Therefore, the flash bounce is much better than conventional flash diffusers and almost acts as softbox, ideally suitable for portrait, product, model or indoor photography.  The easy use, the precise fitting and the additional three flash bounces will bring you a convenient handling, which will result in excellent pictures.

Technical specification

General information

Width 105mm
Weight 300g
Length 115mm
Material Synthetic material
Product Color White


Suitable for 550EX/580EX


Girth 673mm
Height of Packaging 119mm
Length of Packaging 185mm
Weight incl. Packaging 305g
Width of Packaging 125mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Flash Diffuser for Canon 550EX/580EX, 5 pc., contains a cap for Canon 550EX/580EX and each one colour cap in yellow, blue, orange und transparent
Examples of Use