Walimex pro 650-1300/8-16 DSLR T2 white

Item number: 15861
  • Zoom lens 650 - 1300 mm
  • T-mount (T2) for various cameras
  • Multi-coated glass lenses
  • Manual internal focusing
  • High-quality metal construction with rotating tripod lens collar and lens hood
  • Inexpensive alternative for travel, nature and animal photography
Item description

Huge zoom range for almost any telephoto application
With the Walimex pro 650-1300/8-16 DSLR T2 you own a very special lens. The construction of this full frame lens is that of a classic refractor. However, the zoom function is not controlled by turning a ring. Instead, you simply pull the lens to the right length and thus the desired focal length, just like with an extendable pocket telescope. A scale shows the selected focal length and the corresponding aperture. The Walimex pro 650-1300/8-16 DSLR T2 is a manual push/pull zoom lens.

T-Mount allows for various cameras
The lens has a T-mount connector and may therefore be attached to a wide variety of cameras using an appropriate adapter (sold separately). Of course, the Walimex pro 650-1300/8-16 DSLR T2 can also be operated with smaller sensors than full-frame. This results in the usual consequences, namely a corresponding crop factor and minimized vignetting. With the Walimex pro 2x converter (Art. 12602) you can double the focal length. On an APS-C sensor, for example, you can achieve a focal length range from 1,950 to 3,900 mm!

Multi-coated glass lenses
The glass lenses used, 8 lenses in 5 groups, are multi-coated to achieve optimum imaging performance. The typical effects of such a beam path, such as chromatic aberration, are minimized. This lens has no iris diaphragm though, exposure is controlled solely through ISO and the exposure time of the camera. The maximum aperture of f/8.0 allows a bright viewfinder image when used outdoors.

Manual internal focusing
The internal focus is controlled manually. This means that the outer shape of the lens does not change during focusing, which is a great advantage when the camera and its lens are carefully positioned on a tripod. The constant maximum opening of the beam path allows you to work with maximum light output when focusing. Even at a focal length of 1300 mm, the minimum focus distance is only 5 meters.

Robust metal construction
The Walimex pro 650-1300/8-16 DSLR T2 is made almost completely of metal, and therefore extremely stable. Nevertheless it weighs only 2 kg. A 360° rotatable lens mount ring allows a quick change between landscape and portrait mode. Of course, the lens can also be locked in any other position. The camera and lens remain securely on the tripod even when the fixation is open. The lens hood is also very stable and screwed to the lens. It can be detached.

Low-cost alternative
The Walimex pro 650-1300/8-16 DSLR T2 delivers respectable performance for little money in its class. At long focal lengths the chromatic aberration increases, as is well known, but various common softwares will help reliably in the post-processing. Note that you also need a sturdy tripod to align your camera accurately and securely with this lens.

Technical specification

General information

Special Features Tele zoom
Length 463mm
Weight 2000g
Product Color Black, White
Field of Application Nature, Animal, Sports
Zoom Yes


Special Features Tele zoom
Lens Speed 1:8-16
Field of Application Nature, Animal, Sports
Type Telephoto Lens
Zoom Yes
Suitable for Sensor APS-C, Full Frame, MFT
Filter Diameter 95mm
Lens Diameter 105mm
Angle of View 3,8 / 2,0°
Minimum Focusing Distance 5m
Lenses / Groups 8 / 5
Internal Focusing No
Bayonet T
Field of Application Lens Nature, Animal, Sport
Focal Distance 650-1300mm
Developed for Full Frame
Lens connection T2
Category Telephoto Lens
Usage Photo
Type of Power Plug Type C


Girth 985mm
Height of Packaging 125mm
Length of Packaging 485mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 2280g
Width of Packaging 125mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Walimex pro 650-1300/8-16 T-mount (T2) Telezoom
  • 1x storage bag
Examples of Use

Exposure at a focal distance setting of 50mm

Exposure with walimex pro 650-1300/8-16 at a focal distance setting of 650mm

Exposure with walimex pro 650-1300/8-16 at a focal distance setting of 1300mm


Exposure with walimex pro 650-1300/8-16 at a focal distance setting of 1300mm and additional, optionally available walimex T2 Converter equals a focal distance of 2600mm