Walimex pro Beauty Dish 70cm Walimex pro & K white

Item number: 16385
  • suitable for all flashes and quarzlights of the walimex pro VT, VE, VC & VC PLUS series
  • Beauty Dish – once well known now „in“ again
  • particularly for portrait and beauty photography
  • creates a round, natural lighting of the eyes
  • produces consistent, direct lighting
  • creates more pleasant light through the white inner coating
Item description

Ideal for portrait and beauty photography
Discover the various opportunities of the Beauty Dish light former! The walimex pro Beauty Dish 70cm is a highlight particularly in portrait and beauty photography. But you can use it in many other areas as well, in which a soft, pleasant light is required. Thus, the round, natural lighting of the eyes also speak in favour of a use in wedding photography. Regarding the hardness of the light, the Beauty Dish closes the gap between a softbox and a standard reflector.

High quality and white coating on the inside
The Beauty Dish is made of sturdy aluminium, but nevertheless very lightweight.
The special feature on this light former is the white inner coating, which creates a more pleasant light than common silver coatings.

Technical specification

General information

Weight 770g
Material Aluminium
Product Color Grey, White


Coating White
Diameter 700mm
Grid/Overlay No
Mat Yes
Depth 200mm


Girth 2620mm
Height of Packaging 230mm
Length of Packaging 720mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1960g
Width of Packaging 720mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro Beauty Dish 70cm for walimex pro, white
Examples of Use

Effect with Beauty dish


Effect with Standard reflector