Walimex pro FW-560 Alu-Pro Monopod + Head

Item number: 16520
  • very lightweight Monopod made of aluminium with Ball Head
  • ideal for sports and animal photography using long focal distances
  • high ease of use through convenient quick-release fasteners
  • rubber foam coating on the grips
  • rubber feet with spike, therewith optimal suitable for the use outside
  • Ball Head with flexible, convenient quick-release plate
  • load capacity with head approx. 1,5kg, without head approx. 8kg
  • with convenient carrying bag
Item description

The FW-560 Alu-Pro Monopod from walimex pro provides an excellent combination of stability and compact design. Wherever tripods cannot be used due to limited space conditions, for example in sports stadium or on conferences, the Monopod is the ideal alternative. But also for outdoor photographers it is an irreplaceable companion. This is also guaranteed through the spike feet, which provides the required stability on all soft grounds.  

With a length of only 58cm in closed condition and a weight of just 520g, the Monopod can be carried very conveniently and without problems. Thereby, this product possesses a lot of power, because it has a maximal load capacity up to 8kg and outmatches a lot of other monopods. 

The one-legged Tripod is equipped with a Ball Head, which has a convenient quick-release plate. The set even contains two quick-release plates, so that you are perfectly equipped for every occasion. Therewith you are perfectly equipped for all coming tasks. Certainly you can simply screw off the Ball Head and use the Monopod without head or with another head. The maximal load capacity of the Ball Head which is included in the set is approx. 1,5kg.

Technical specification

General information

Product Type Photo Tripod
Material Aluminium, expanded rubber, synthetic material
Product Color Black
Weight 670g


Max. Capacity 1,5kg
Max. Load Tripod 8000g
Weight Tripod without Head 550g
Material Tripod Legs Aluminium
Number Tripod Legs 1St
Leg Locking Clamp locking
Number of Leg Segemts 5
Max. Height Tripod with ball head 1640mm
Max. Working Height 1600mm
Number of Gummed Leg Segments 1St.
Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 0
Spikes No
Tripod Head Ball head
Max. Load Tripod Head 1500g
Height Ball Head 40mm
Weight Ball Head 200g
Camera connection 1/4 inch
Frictioning Yes
Tripod-head replaceable Yes
Transport Length 580mm
Tripod Connection 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch
Connection 3/8 Zoll
Wrist Strap No


Girth 350mm
Height of Packaging 70mm
Length of Packaging 625mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Transport Length 580mm
Weight incl. Packaging 935g
Width of Packaging 70mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro FW-560 Alu-Pro Monopod with Head, 2 quick-release plates and convenient carrying bag
Examples of Use