Walimex Ready-To-Go Light Cube 540W, 60x60cm

Item number: 16638
  • illuminated Light Cube for professional product pictures
  • ideal for the product photography of objects up to max. 30cm, e.g. glass, jewellery, toys
  • with lateral reflection covers in white and silver as well as background cloths in white, blue and grey
  • incl. 6x16W daylight spiral lamps instead of conventional 6x90W
  • 2 series à 3 lamps separately switchable
  • can be folded to a compact carrying size within seconds
Item description

The little details bring the big picture! With the Ready-To-Go Light Cube no problem at all, because the mobile miracle cube combines 540W bright light with a sturdy exterior on compact 60x60cm. Use this trump in product photography and create ingenious results, e.g. for eBay, in your online shop or in promotional brochures.    

The Light Cube is characterized through its six built-in daylight spiral lamps à 16W, which are separately switchable in three series à 2 lamps, so that they fully fit your photographic demands. Due to the integrated lighting, you do not need any further additional light sources and you can start working immediately after the set-up. The Light Cube provides soft light and shadow-free illuminations. This is the optimal basis for professional product pictures, especially from reflecting objects, for instance from chinaware and jewellery. It is equipped with two lateral reflection covers (white for neutral light, silver for stronger lateral light) and three cloth backgrounds (white, blue and grey). Therewith you can take pictures according to your requirements, either through the front opening or from above through the convenient camera opening. Folded to an extra-thin carrying bag with additional small pocket, it also provides protection and flexibility for on the go.

Technical specification

General information

Field of Application Product Photography
Weight 6800g
Width 600mm
Product Color Black, White


Field of Application Product Photography


Girth 2268mm
Height of Packaging 129mm
Length of Packaging 670mm
Weight incl. Packaging 7750g
Width of Packaging 670mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Ready-To-Go Light Cube 540W, 60x60cm with reflection covers in white and silver as well as background cloths in white, blue and grey and 6 16W Daylight Spiral Lamps
Examples of Use