Walimex Colour Filter Set, 12pcs., 40x50cm

Item number: 16863
  • Set of 12 color filter films with strong, vivid luminosity, wide range of colors
  • Each 1x: Yellow, light orange, medium orange, strong orange, pink, red, dark red, violet, light blue, blue, light green, green
  • For colorful effect lights and color illumination of the studio or stage background
  • Large foils with 40 x 50 cm for almost all devices, e.g. continuous lights, flashes, headlights etc.; Can be cut to the desired size
  • Easy to assemble with clips, adhesive paste, clamps etc.
  • Durable, reusable, safe to use, heat resistant, scratch resistant surface
Item description

Suitable for lighting technicians and photographers alike: The Walimex pro colour filter set offers 12 films for fast use in front of spotlights, reflectors, flashes and much more. Let your creativity run wild and provide colorful effect lights on theater and show stages, for example! Or put your model in the limelight against a red illuminated background! With the foils in different yellow, red, blue and green tones, there are no limits to your colour.

Now even bigger: The 40 x 50 cm films can be individually mounted in front of your device and of course used several times.

Included colors:

  • Yellow
  • Soft Orange
  • Medium Orange
  • Strong Orange
  • Pinkli>
  • RoRed
  • Dark red
  • Violet
  • Light blue
  • Blue
  • Light green
  • Green
Technical specification

General information

Material Synthetic material
Width 400mm
Length 500mm


Girth 570mm
Height of Packaging 40mm
Length of Packaging 410mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 212g
Width of Packaging 40mm
Included in delivery
  • 12x Colour Filter Foil each 40 x 50 cm
Examples of Use