Walimex Diffusor Cloth, 300x300cm

Item number: 17007
  • transparent diffusor cloth for soft, diffuse light
  • ideal for large-area diffusion, e.g. in photo studio or on stage
  • also suitable as creative background for backlighting for e.g. group photos
  • very large area from 3x3m
  • flexible use for different lighting situations, Heat resistant up to 150° degrees
Item description

No matter if Foldable Diffusor, Diffusor Plate or a simple Diffusor for putting over Beauty Dishes and Softboxes, walimex offers the right diffusor for every requirement. Photographers, who like to vary their lighting assembly and prefer to work with an individually created composition than with pre-assembled studio sets, will particularly like this item. With this Diffusor Material you are very flexible, because you can hang the cloth over a background system, mount on a crossbar system or drape in front of continuous lights. The result is always the same: Soft and pleasant light! The seam in the center of the cloth doesn´t affects the newly achieved light characteristic at all.

Technical specification

General information

Material Nylon
Product Color White
Width 3000mm
Weight 520g


Girth 550mm
Height of Packaging 50mm
Length of Packaging 289mm
Weight incl. Packaging 759g
Width of Packaging 200mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Diffusor Cloth transparent, 300x300cm
Examples of Use