Gossen Digisix Exposure Meter

Item number: 19486
  • MEASURE EXPOSURE EASILY - With this handheld exposure meter for continuous light made in Germany you can carry out reflective, incident and contrast measurements on your photo or film set and determine the ideal camera settings.
  • CONTINUOUS LIGHT MEASUREMENT IN ANY POSITION - This handy device lets you determine any exposure time/aperture combination in all possible positions. Use it on the subject to measure incident light or at the camera position to measure reflected light.
  • WORK WITHOUT CONCERNS - If you exceed or fall below the set range, the device emits a warning. Exposure metering doesn't get much easier.
  • DETAILED DATA - microprocessor controlled, reflective metering approx. 25°, EV 0 to 18, offset ±3, ISO 6 to 3,200 in 1/3 steps, exp. 1/2000 sec. to 4 min., LCD display, thermometer with extremes memory, alarm clock, timer up to 30 min.
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY - 1x Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter, 1x Case, 1x Carrying Strap, 1x Button Cell CR2032
Item description

Exposure metering made easy
With the small, handy exposure meter Digisix 2 from Gossen, photographic light metering becomes child's play. Especially staged model shoots, but also still lifes such as food photography or the photographic capture of works of art, are still created with the help of light meters even today, because it must be ensured before releasing the shutter that no area in the picture is unintentionally wrongly illuminated.
With just one button, you can set the film speed or the desired ISO and off you go. To measure the incident light directly on the subject, slide the lumisphere over the light inlet opening to capture the widest possible incidence of light. To measure the light reflected from the subject from the position of the camera, the opening in the device must be exposed, that way the Digisix 2 will capture a viewing angle of approx. 25°. Now read the EV value displayed and set this value on the ring dial. Now you can read off the recommended combinations of aperture value and exposure time on the ring dial. It is also possible to measure contrast: for this purpose, guide the light meter over different parts of your subject while measuring. The deviation from the first measured value is continuously displayed.

Many features make work easier
The light meter is equipped with a number of features that make work easier. An offset of ±3 LW can be preset to take into account special features of your setup or other wishes. The integrated thermometer records the extremes. If you keep the light meter in your equipment bag, you can always tell whether your equipment has been exposed to particularly high or low temperatures, for example when travelling. The timer helps you to achieve exposure times of up to 30 minutes. The built-in clock has an alarm, so you can even have your light meter wake you up. A 1/4 inch threaded bore hole on the bottom of the housing allows you to mount the light meter on a tripod or Magic Arm and set it firmly for repeated object measurements from the same position. The light meter is easy to transport thanks to the case and carrying strap. The battery is included, so you can start using it right out of the box.

Technical specification

General information

Material Synthetic material
Product Color Black
Length 75mm
Width 50mm
Height 23mm
Weight 40g


Object Measuring Method Approx. 25°
Zonal Measurement No
Measuring Sensor Sbc silicon photodiodes
Measuring Extent Continuous Light LW 0 to 18
film sensitivity ISO 6 to 3200 in 1/3 steps
Exposure Times 1/2000s to 4min
Correction Value ± 3,0 steps
Display Digital LCD display
Memory Function Yes


Battery 3V lithium battery CR 2032
Automatic Company Control Yes


Girth 359mm
Height of Packaging 40mm
Length of Packaging 135mm
Packaging Material Colour Packaging
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 120g
Width of Packaging 93mm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter
  • 1x Case
  • 1x Carrying Strap
  • 1x Button Cell CR2032
Examples of Use